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Espn and youtube promote dmt

Enter Toe Rogan. Wokecenter is at it again, putting the race baiting and lefty politics aside for a day to promote a psychedelic that makes you see death, convulse, and potentially lose your mind. At a desperate attempt in anything but sports, a new video was created featuring Mike Tyson’s dmt experiences. Psychedelics are making a big comeback with the younger generation thanks to Joe Rogan, Silicon Valley, and Netflix. Being a nonprohibitionist, I care not about what adults do, but I find it suspicious that our mainstream culture jumped over pot and are now accepting psychedelics as a normal. ESPN just three months ago had wall to wall coverage regarding New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s sex life, now they’re making psychedelic cartoons featuring a professional boxer with well documented mental problems and brain damage. CTE is bad though guys remember, rich white men, corporations, profits and such. Why didn’t Mike Tyson get an ESPN feature about his successful pot farm or new podcast? Why does the same network that preaches the subjugation of black pro athletes continue to subjugate black athletes? Why is silicon valley pushing mind opening psychedelics while breathlessly censoring decenting political and philosophical opinions? Why isn’t medical marijuana being heralded by ESPN as a medicine that can save pro athletes suffering from CTE? Obviously none of the ivory tower boomers that make up ESPN management have seen Tyson’s podcast, never mind…stop pushing poison on our children scum! Learn how to manage a sports network in a digital age!