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Vice pretends to lead ANTI TECH movement from the left

SPECIAL REPORT THE FUTURE OF WORK the synopsis reads. Vice has launched an anti tech campaign in the name of humanism. The fears they are pushing are more familiar to old school Democrats that used to support work and protect the labor markets they painstakingly cornered through armed mobs called unions. NAFTA changed everything, Democrats shifted their labor focus to welfare, illegals, and the government sector, which sadly is the largest union represented industry in the nation, and Republicans pushed globalisation, lower labor costs, and the first world service industry utopia that never came to fruition. In the past 25 years as corporations got richer and the wealth gap widened as the middle class shrank, cheapening technology eased the tension of lower wages. Now that everyone has a hand held computer more powerful than something that took up a warehouse 30 years ago, there is less of a need for all the products and services the smartphone has replaced. In a world with less people employed and more tech automation, there is going to be less demand for labor but people are still going to need money to purchase their robot gfs and i phone xxii. Since this is unavoidable, Vice is most likely subtly pushing universal basic income since there is no other solution to sustain human existence in a fully automated centralized environment. Robot is a czech word for slave, so I doubt they are going to increase anyone’s freedom moving forward. Enjoy life while you can, agenda 2030 is around the corner.