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Ben garrison banned from social media summit


For an exercise in modern media, Google the generic title of this article and note the top results. The pc cult has a new victim with an old face, only the most prominent political cartoonist of his generation. What was his crime? Making a political cartoon portraying the military industrial complex as puppets of international bankers. In the paradox known as moderm identity politics, it is racist to associate certain cultures with certain negative behaviors, and it is also racist for pointing out these negative behaviours in general because it then implicates the racial stereotype. For example, you are not allowed to mention your affinity for southern poultry dishes without being racist towards blacks, just ask Bernie. As if lending is bad! I thought there has been a consensus among western universities for centuries that lending with interest grows the economy and creates wealth? I am very disappointed the WH disinvited Garrison at the last minute for no reason other than to capitulate to the handful of usual snowflakes. How about possessing eyes, a brain, and a backbone? Every time someone refuses to stand up for glaring truth, it makes the problem only worse. Somebody needs to say no to the relentless pc insanity and that is exactly what Trump ran on. If things don’t change, 2020 will not be a success. Digital media is the frontlines of intellectual and political discourse in the 21st century, and it must be treated as such if our society will continue to be self governed and free.

Trump crosses dmz


In the middle of the night, Kim Jong Un accepted Trump’s invitation via Twitter and met the potus at the DMZ, then invited him to cross for a handshake on North Korean soil. President Trump one again made history, being the first potus to visit North Korea in a chaotic scene of secret service, Kim bodyguards, and media from around the world. It easily could have turned into a horrific tragedy, but Trump smiled with confidence as he sauntered over to the border while Kim hurried down the steps with his most trusted protectors. Despite the expected criticism from the mainstream media, this was arguably the most significant border event since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The Korean War is not officially over but symbolically it is. Trump has changed the U.S. strategy in Asia and progress is being made. The mainstream media insists more of the same would be better, which, no surprise, is the definition of insanity.

Trump threatens sanctuary cities with more illegal immigrants


Be careful what you wish for! Many classical philosophers are credited with their own spin on that phrase, and the indignation of the modern blue sanctuary city harkens back to the times of ancient Greece. A federal governing body cannot last when its vassell states are enacting their own policy contradictory to national law. If blue sanctuary cities insist on independent sovereignty, maybe a better solution would be state constitutional amendments that would lead to an eventual federal amendment or halt of what Democrats consider, federal overreach. If any federal judge across the land can control potus actions but not the actions of governors and mayors, there are grave threats to federalism. A quick solution to this could be the rise of the modern city state. If D.C. can be the new Athens, Chicago and New York can certainly be the new Troy and Sparta. City State sovereignty would solve many social, political, and financial problems. Since city states would be independent, they could not only make their own laws, but they would have to financially support themselves with fiscal responsibility. Hate the electoral college? Not when your city gets more electoral votes than the rednecks in the country! Gerrymandering? Let the hicks worry about that one! Win, win, win!

New chicago mayor wants fair share of federal tax dollars


“But he’s still the president of the United States,” Lightfoot added. “We are due our fair share of a return on tax dollars and I want to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can, and figuring out a way to build a constructive relationship with the White House has to be part of our Washington strategy.”

Trump says he ‘PROBABLY never WILL’ like DECEASED McCain


Trump recently made some candid remarks about the late senator McCain, and many in the gop are calling foul. The two never seemed to get along and neither hid that fact, Trump’s ‘not a hero comments’ during the 2016 election and the equally infamous thumbs down on the Obamacare repeal and replace by McCain, were no secrets. Many in the conspiracy community online spread stories of George W and McCain’s deaths, which came shortly into Trump’s first term. This feud rehash is going to get the attention of many different parties, but I question its purpose outside the conspiracy realm.

Mueller report finds no Russian collusion, msm rests hopes on obstruction


After two years of a media fueled sire loser political witch hunt, the Mueller report has been delivered to Congress and the Justice Department, and early leaks say the contents are as fruitful as Al Capone’s vault. That’s an 80’s reference. Instead of coming clean after a two year charade, the mainstream media continues to perpetuate the hoax based on the possibility obstruction of justice has not been ruled out. Democrats, you lost the last election, the next one is in a year, give it up!

Yang Gang 2020 is a thing now

The 2020 Meme War has begun, and Trump’s decline in online popularity is beginning to show. Naive, ignorant, or deaf to why he really won in 2016, the daily bath of mainstream media appears to be dulling 45’s once razor sharp political instincts. Maybe the Democrats’ Saul Alinsky war of attrition known as the Russian collusion hoax is starting to pay dividends after two years of trench warfare. There are some support base red flags so glaring, I’m surprised the Democrats haven’t smelled the blood in the water and more ferociously pounced on this election cycle. Let’s face it, the 2020 field isn’t impressive. A good not great, Shultz/Gabbard campaign would easily win, but the commies have other things on their mind. Don Jr or somebody needs to wake the POTUS up, his support is slipping big time online and that and the rallies were the core of his message and popularity in 2016.

Trump loves asbestos

From Russia with love

Why does Trump like asbestos so much? In his 1997 book, he blamed it’s banishment and removal, on a mob fueled conspiracy since mobs owned all the removal companies, unions, and politicians. He has always touted it as ‘the best, believe me’ perfectly healthy after application. In a funny twist of fate, a 2016 law gave the EPA more authority on asbestos regulation, and as we all know but seldom remember in our current society, elections do occur and occupants do change, so you can’t run the world with a phone and a pen. The Trump EPA loves asbestos, so they’re going to regulate asbestos and other environmental matters the way they choose. Wasn’t the Department of Justice also an Executive Branch bureaucracy under the complete control of the POTUS? Nevermind. Just goes to show you, elections matter, but your rights and the Constitution matter more. Liberals should have epiphanies with issues like this, but instead their solution is more government to prevent a government they don’t like from winning an election or having control over bureaucracies in the first place. We do still have a federal Congress, correct? How about they get off their high horses, and put together a one page bill banning all asbestos imports and new construction from this day forward. Period. Fat chance.