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When did game of thrones ‘jump the shark’?

Everybody hates season 8 and myself being a casual viewer that joined in halfway, I’m wondering where everyone has been. The after the fact purists claim it was all downhill after season 4, but after rewatching 5 and 6 recently I think they’re trying to sound smart in a time of sorrow and confusion. I knew the show was in trouble after they ran out of book material but nobody seemed to care at the time. I guess false hopers thought Mr. Martin would blow through a few new volumes before the HBO conclusion. I never saw that to be a probable scenario. My best case scenario would have been a cowritten final two seasons, but from the pictures I’ve seen, George is too busy enjoying them HBO checks to care about concluding his book series. The hiatus and then the shortened, rushed seasons was where it all went wrong in my opinion. Season 7 sucked so bad my hopes were pretty small for season 8 and the race baiting woke BO hasn’t proved me wrong. Why so much time and energy is dedicated to corner cutting convenience is beyond my comprehension. Almost a million people signed a petition supporting a new 8th season, where were all these people 3 years ago or 2 years ago after season 7? Delusional…you can’t end a show based on a book correctly if the book that contains the story has not been written! Common sense. Glad the Phantom Menace taught me never to buy into hype.