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Is Trump’s N. Korea strategy working?

Was Kim wearing contacts or are the glasses just for fashion?

The Trump/Kim Summit #2 ended abruptly today when a deal could not be reached on the number of nuclear facilities that needed to be closed for U.S. sanctions to be lifted. According to President Trump, Kim offered to close their main facility only and not the additional secret facilities the U.S. admittedly discovered through recent surveillance. This revelation, presented to Kim at the Hanoi Summit, may have been too surprising for the pantsuit dictator to immediately counteroffer. Perhaps he had thought the Americans did not know of his additional facilities, or the pessimists are correct and Kim is only buying time for his weapons program to work out the kinks. Personally I think Kim has no choice but to make a deal with the U.S. and Seoul for the survival of his nation, people, and regime. Maybe his general’s are pressuring him to not make a deal regardless of what Trump and Pompeo offer. My prediction is they will meet again in 6 months, and a deal will be signed before the holidays.