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3/11 Media hysteria cancels ncaa tournament, Georgetown indifferent

Coach Ewing has a 90s flashback during St. John’s 23-0 run Wed.

The U.S. borders are still wide open, air travel from China and Italy has not been terminated, and little testing is being done. An NBA game and later the entire season was canceled after a possibly infected player was ordered not to attend the game. Luckily fans were told to leave the Corona free sports arena to prevent the player, that wasn’t there, from infecting the crowd while performing. Disney sports shortly thereafter launched wall to wall coverage praising the NBA’s leadership, urging the NCAA to follow the herd. By 9:00 AM eastern standard time the NCAA tournament will be cancelled and will fail to regain its popularity in subsequent seasons. World Wars did not stop collegiate athletics, but thanks to 24/7 digital news cycle and synthetic flu, the show will not go on. Years from now, Grandfathers will tell their grandchildren where they were on 3/11.

Is identity politics helping the nba produce better basketball?

Relentless wokeness inspiring art students around the world.


Countless media outlets have written about the NBA’s decline in popularity since Michael Jordan retired 22 years ago, but this year the television ratings have declined too low to ignore. The excuses are many, Lebron, injuries, cable, Lebron, broadcast contracts, Kobe, Kawhi, Lebron. Clueless Commissioner Silver defended the league’s popularity, pointing to rising overseas viewership and social media hits. He even suggested a midseason tournament to increase interest, and the internet collectively moaned. Mark Cuban, who recently received a 500k fine from the NBA for exercising his free speech, blames cable for the lack of interest in the players, content, and overall product. Miami Heat coach Steve Spagnuolo was proactive with his product enhancement, reminding all the 18-30 year olds watching a basketball game at home on a Friday night that they should read up on Emilia Earhart or check their Tinder for international hits.

What the NBA and other failing media ventures don’t want to admit, is that they ostracized their core American fan base over the past 5 years with their relentless wokeness. Disney/ABC/ESPN mega corp owns the rights to NBA’s major broadcasts, and it is no coincidence that their ratings have declined during the same period. Why? Sportscenter, once a euphemism for 60 minutes of statistical testosterone in the late 20th century, has morphed into a 60 minute NBA infomercial loaded with players’ and analysts’ liberal political, racial, and moral opinions. Sorry highlights, stats, and fun, this is the Trump era! If the NBA wants to become relevant again in the American market, they need to ditch Disney’s sinking sports ship, renew the deal with TNT and the beloved Sir Charles and EJ, dump the ultra woke effeminate victim LeQueen culture, and target the young market with affordable streaming options parents will buy, since most under 25 year olds only see live games via pirated streams on reddit.

Are team sports championships determined by luck or skill?

They think they’re really really smart.


Thanks to Google tracking everything we do, I was recommended this year old Vox video the same day the NHL made sports history when all of their division winners were eliminated in the first round. Lib academic dorks trying to push an agenda would call that correlation, I call it your whole bullshit house of cards crumbling down. There are many variables in sports and endless probability possibilities in terms of bounces, physics, gravity, wind etc that determine the outcome of games. Just because the team with the best record wins the least championships in a sport, does not make the sport more lucky. Chalk wins every year in the NBA, that’s skill according to Vox? Basketball is a sport of 5 guys and a few role bench players, one guy matters. Basketball is the sport where an elite player has the most impact since it is the smallest team sport versus 6 in hockey, 11 in football, and 9 in baseball. A novice observer in any major sport can name at least one all star team that was put together in the offseason with high hopes only to disappoint during the season, 04 lakers, 011 Eagles, early 2000s Yankees etc. It’s called team sports Vox, individual skill is mitigated in a team setting, especially when the play is elevated in an elimination setting. The NHL’s top teams win the least because of the salary cap forced parody and it could be argued, it is the playoff sport most reliant on teamwork and chemistry. The NHL has a hard cap just like the NFL, who pioneered this model in the early 90s with their collective bargaining agreement. Their agenda: dynasties are boring, the rich are boring, let’s level the playing field and make everyone mediocre so every team and fan base feels involved in steady consumption. The actual result of sports socialism: shortlived teams with tepid tv ratings and a ticket buying audience consisting of mostly corporate season ticket holders. That’s why the NHL made history last night, it had nothing to do with luck. And meanwhile in the NBA first round snooze fest, the top 4 teams in each conference are advancing to the next round as usual.