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House gop willing to trade gun rights for alien deportations

Has Fox been purposely trying to lose credibility since they booted Ailes? Why are they championing liberal causes while at the same time bashing the current gop POTUS? Aren’t they supposed to be the one conservative mainstream news outlet? Or is that just some manufactured strawman created to give the left something to beat up and laugh at? They have been doing little to encourage any conservative agenda since the 2016 election, and every time I have the displeasure of consuming their media, I wonder if they’re trying to tank their brand.

You wouldn’t know it by the headline, but the gop tried to outflank the Dems from the left on the new gun background check bill and were denied. The new law enforcement notification amendment was an obvious political move by the Republicans, but it was effective and speaks volumes; the gop is willing to give away every U.S. citizen’s freedom, in the form of gun rights, for a small political win. Is that what the Bill of Rights is now, a stack of bargaining chip? And Breitbart, Fox, even the congressman that suggested the amendment, are all over media bragging about their gotcha accomplishment. How is expanding background checks and sending police after unsuccessful gun purchasers going to make any dent in our illegal immigration problem? My new favorite saying, with modern Republicans, who needs Democrats?

Are sanctuary Dems violating U.S. TREASON code?

18 U.S. Code 2381 is very clear on this subject, and I assume is much more general than most people would think. Let’s break it down in parts. A. Owe allegiance to the United States, check. B. Levies war against them and adheres to enemies, check. C. Giving them aid and comfort within the U.S. and elsewhere, check. Punishment is death or at least 5 years in prison, a lowly 10k fine, and incapability of holding any office. Wow! So many traitors currently serving and other notables could easily be prosecuted under this. This is one of the clearest U.S. codes I have ever read!

So all the border Dem governors and sanctuary mayors, the judges that sneak illegals out back doors, the sheriffs that release illegals before ICE arrives, the Dem pollsters that register illegals and let them vote under someone else’s name, the list goes on and on, they are all 100% traitors! Trump has been toying with the Dems for two years on the wall, and he’s upset much of his base with the inaction so far in the treason department.

For all this fascist, Russian asset, NYC mob boss talk from the left, it’s been obvious since the 60 minute interview shortly after the 2016 election, Trump is a liberal softee that wants to make peace with everyone, see the country prosper, and make his favorite child happy. Trump doesn’t want a civil war and subsequent market crash, death, and historical criticism that’ll come with it, but when does he no longer have a choice? By the time he realizes that, will it be too late?

Most MAGA supporters online feel like the 2020 election is already lost due to the inaction at the border, inability to investigate voter fraud on the state level, no national voter ID law, and the censorship by left tech on the social media platforms. The latter maybe most devastating because Trump had such a tremendous advantage online in 2016, the demoralized Dems had to blame it on Russian bots. The memes alone did more to elect Trump than all the pact ads put together. The 2020 election season has already begun, and the traitors have yet to be prosecuted. ‘Lock her up’ more like ‘tweet and say gosh.’ Q was never true, and although entertaining at times, it was just a 4chan prank at best, disinformation op to subdue at worst; the traitors still remain!