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Do illegal aliens have more rights than u.s. citizens?

Modern Dems posses a platform logic map that resembles a spaghetti dinner you throw against the wall. The same Dems that pushed smart i.d., southern border barriers, and conspiracy theories post 9/11, now think the current POTUS is a racist Russian agent who benefited from fake news created by Russian boots which led to their unfavorable 2016 election result. Everything is kept hidden from the public, and those who try to release it, Snoden, Assange, are demonized to a level that one could call it projection. Podesta’s emails were never questioned for authenticity, only for source. Seth Rich’s murder was never taken seriously even though it’s much more likely the Democratic Committee emails were extracted internally based on data transfer speeds and a little thing scientists call Occam’s razor.

Why wouldn’t people contemplate the fantastical when their government treats them like stupid slaves, is that what we really are? Why do illegals have more rights than U.S. citizens inside the supposed sovereign boundaries of the United States? Is their truth to the 14th amendment/U.S. Corp 1871 conspiracy? Why is it unfair to block travel from fundamentalist Muslim countries when we are now told by Dems one cannot question the 9/11 story or the any news in general, or face the consequences: no job, no social media, no gun, no travel. But what about illegals? Their travel is unrestricted, their court appearances are optional, and they receive no consequences for their transgressions. The recently passed omnibus bill contained billions for frivolous projects and even $15 million to protect Pakistan’s border, but the POTUS is wrong for demanding money to protect our border. The same POTUS that suggested a pullout from Syria and ordered a deployment to the southern birder before Thanksgiving. Do we have a country anymore? Maybe birth certificates and social security cards are overrated.