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3/11 Media hysteria cancels ncaa tournament, Georgetown indifferent

Coach Ewing has a 90s flashback during St. John’s 23-0 run Wed.

The U.S. borders are still wide open, air travel from China and Italy has not been terminated, and little testing is being done. An NBA game and later the entire season was canceled after a possibly infected player was ordered not to attend the game. Luckily fans were told to leave the Corona free sports arena to prevent the player, that wasn’t there, from infecting the crowd while performing. Disney sports shortly thereafter launched wall to wall coverage praising the NBA’s leadership, urging the NCAA to follow the herd. By 9:00 AM eastern standard time the NCAA tournament will be cancelled and will fail to regain its popularity in subsequent seasons. World Wars did not stop collegiate athletics, but thanks to 24/7 digital news cycle and synthetic flu, the show will not go on. Years from now, Grandfathers will tell their grandchildren where they were on 3/11.

Update: math is still racist

I thought this story was over, but of course it isn’t. Why has math grown a stigma this century? Colleges no longer require it, major newspaper editors considers 5th grade math problems both trivial and high school level, unsure what public high school she attended. Possibly she’s young enough to have benefited from the new no math liberal art requirements at most colleges?

Is identity politics helping the nba produce better basketball?

Relentless wokeness inspiring art students around the world.

Countless media outlets have written about the NBA’s decline in popularity since Michael Jordan retired 22 years ago, but this year the television ratings have declined too low to ignore. The excuses are many, Lebron, injuries, cable, Lebron, broadcast contracts, Kobe, Kawhi, Lebron. Clueless Commissioner Silver defended the league’s popularity, pointing to rising overseas viewership and social media hits. He even suggested a midseason tournament to increase interest, and the internet collectively moaned. Mark Cuban, who recently received a 500k fine from the NBA for exercising his free speech, blames cable for the lack of interest in the players, content, and overall product. Miami Heat coach Steve Spagnuolo was proactive with his product enhancement, reminding all the 18-30 year olds watching a basketball game at home on a Friday night that they should read up on Emilia Earhart or check their Tinder for international hits.

What the NBA and other failing media ventures don’t want to admit, is that they ostracized their core American fan base over the past 5 years with their relentless wokeness. Disney/ABC/ESPN mega corp owns the rights to NBA’s major broadcasts, and it is no coincidence that their ratings have declined during the same period. Why? Sportscenter, once a euphemism for 60 minutes of statistical testosterone in the late 20th century, has morphed into a 60 minute NBA infomercial loaded with players’ and analysts’ liberal political, racial, and moral opinions. Sorry highlights, stats, and fun, this is the Trump era! If the NBA wants to become relevant again in the American market, they need to ditch Disney’s sinking sports ship, renew the deal with TNT and the beloved Sir Charles and EJ, dump the ultra woke effeminate victim LeQueen culture, and target the young market with affordable streaming options parents will buy, since most under 25 year olds only see live games via pirated streams on reddit.

University of Illinois epitomizes the mental illness that is destroying higher education

Feb. 24 2020, on a nationally televised game, the Illini student section proudly display the ok symbol, the same symbol that got a Cubs fan permanently banned from Wrigley Field. U of I made no disavowal.

NHL gets woke on women’s day

Finally the day has come we’ve all been waiting for, the day all of our daughters dreamt about for generations, the event that our great grandmothers thought would never be possible, the moment our fore mothers fought for tirelessly, a men’s hockey game will be exclusively broadcasted by women! The NHL has come a long way and I think they should be applauded for entering the 21st century. Feminists around the world roared and the NHL listened. A little late, but in a masculine dominated world, it’s easy to overlook what female hockey fans demand from modern professional men’s hockey, more women! This announcement came only weeks after the NHL featured an international women’s game during what used to be, a stale skills competition where men from around the world would compete in skate, shooting, and accuracy games. Every mother held their daughter tighter as they highlighted the date on their smartphone calendar, the night in late January 2020, when the arena kept swelling with people to watch women play amateur hockey on the game’s biggest stage! Bravo NHL, keep up the progress! Enjoy your record ratings on international women’s day!

How much gold does China have?

In recent weeks, financial circles have been buzzing about the rumor China is holding 20,000 tonnes of gold, 10 times the number reported by Moneyweek and others less than a year ago. Historically, China has an effinity for precious metals. During the Peruvian silver boom in the 16th century, China was the Spanish empire’s greatest customer, eagerly willing to trade goods for silver. The Chinese hoarded so much silver back then, the world silver market crashed, and mercantilism and colonialism moved onto gold, slaves, and other commodities.

Can history repeat itself? China keeps all the gold they mine and import, never exporting an ounce just like silver 500 years ago. Will China’s accumulation shock and crash the market? Is this why it remains a secret? Or is something more self serving and long term in the works? For decades, China was propped up to the global economic leader despite its authoritarian government and poor human rights reputation. The world has grown tired of the Petro dollar, hence the BRICS movement. BRICS has not been able to topple the dollar, but if China embraces, launches, and proliferates a global crypto or digital currency in conjunction with an announcement they own more gold then the rest of the world combined, watch out!

Ben garrison banned from social media summit

For an exercise in modern media, Google the generic title of this article and note the top results. The pc cult has a new victim with an old face, only the most prominent political cartoonist of his generation. What was his crime? Making a political cartoon portraying the military industrial complex as puppets of international bankers. In the paradox known as moderm identity politics, it is racist to associate certain cultures with certain negative behaviors, and it is also racist for pointing out these negative behaviours in general because it then implicates the racial stereotype. For example, you are not allowed to mention your affinity for southern poultry dishes without being racist towards blacks, just ask Bernie. As if lending is bad! I thought there has been a consensus among western universities for centuries that lending with interest grows the economy and creates wealth? I am very disappointed the WH disinvited Garrison at the last minute for no reason other than to capitulate to the handful of usual snowflakes. How about possessing eyes, a brain, and a backbone? Every time someone refuses to stand up for glaring truth, it makes the problem only worse. Somebody needs to say no to the relentless pc insanity and that is exactly what Trump ran on. If things don’t change, 2020 will not be a success. Digital media is the frontlines of intellectual and political discourse in the 21st century, and it must be treated as such if our society will continue to be self governed and free.

Media is puzzled by disneyworld brawl

I looked at a few different articles from across the spectrum about this story that is not getting much national air time, big surprise! Every author I read had a hard time explaining exactly what occured in the viral videos, a grown, pushing 400 lbs, woman and another with a wig pushing 100 lbs, fighting with two men. The only puzzling part was where the other guy came from in the white tee, at first I thought it was a tag match, but then white shirt and black shirt both hit the hair hat holder, it officially became a melee. No fake news, they weren’t choking each other, the men were ripping out the 300 dollar horse hair wigs black women insist on wearing, a taboo everyone pretends to ignore. Yes, grown men are hitting women full force with closed fists, it’s not an uncommon occurence in certain communities but also taboo. How about the straight right big wig took in the face? Impressive, most men couldn’t take that punch. What took the security so long? Amusement parks were a symbol of full video surveillance decades before big brother went mainstream. Were the cops unsure how to react? Was it taboo to intervene? And they only caught the one guy too tired to run away? Laughable man…welcome to what we see 24/7/365 in our Blue State Paradises!