Making sense of the 60s

I have never seen this series before, but this clip intrigued me so I thought I’d share. As our society continues to decay, it’s natural to ask where it all went wrong. Politically it was well before the 60s, but socially the decline has been precipitous. Often the stereotypes is all we pass on through mainstream history to our children, so I always like to investigate the counterculture of the time or ‘alternative facts’ in the parlance of our times. Besides the punchline known as Goldwater, conservatives did not have an identity or face until Ronald Reagan in the mid 70s. The Nixon strawman is mainline history’s explanation for conservatism’s answer to the hippie culture during the time period. Interesting topic that is worth discussing.

NBC news uses fake pic to push measles hysteria

Lazy millennial craftsmanship

Noooooooo, not NBC news!!!! They’re not fake like that gross Fox news rednecks and hillbillies watch! In the age of weaponized digital autism, the mainstream media are increasingly getting caught cutting corners, but that doesn’t seem to stop them one bit! You’d think you’d try to improve your methods, try harder, maybe get with the times, create your own b roll, na we’ll just google baby and use the first image that pops up and draw some red dots on it, sounds great! Quality, quality journalism once again from the precious 4th estate that should never be criticized for any reason.

Batter called out after homerun, not the first time

In my life time I have never seen this before in the majors, but last Friday it happened during a Southside comeback. Even though it was Jose Abreu’s responsibility as the batter not to pass the lead runner, young shortstop Tim Anderson, coming fresh off the bat flip hip hop language controversy, was the runner that got passed so naturally he caught the ire of both local and national pundits. Sadly I first watched a clip from CBS promoted by the everything dies in darkness except for fungus compost, and the narrator mentioned nothing of the historic homerun gaff, only referencing Anderson’s language controversy and subsequent game winning homerun. Just goes to show you how politicised even sports news has become in recent years, cannot escape the fake news narrative for a second! Who cares about stats and history when you’ve got racism? Woke sports.

Chiraq crony capitalism & professional sports

Twenty five years after the Blackhawks played their final game at the old madhouse, they’re at odds with the exiting CHIRAQ mayor Emmanuel over tax breaks and rates. In nothing short of amusing, the mayor is trying to out flank the Blackhawks brass to the right by citing capitalism lol Unsure how raising money through tax increases to build competition is capitalism, but I digress.

It is very true that sports billionaires have abused their clout in certain cities, selfishly subsidizing their business on the backs of the tax payer, but elected officials are the ones that ink and benefit from the sweet heart deals. Local governments can always say no, but they usually don’t, and the old purposes that were served by public private venue partnerships no longer exist. The ‘public’ rarely use the facilities outside of being paying customers to sporting events and pop music shows. The days of public use in the era of billion dollar stadiums have passed. Recently the White Sox were criticized for receiving tax dollars 30 years ago for a stadium not used by anyone but them.

Emmanuel is a lame duck with few allies left in the metro, which is why many, including myself and Blackhawks ownership, find his recent ‘run to the right’ behavior especially hilarious after four years of relentless Trump bashing. Virtue signaling for police and against Smollet, now touting capitalism while bludgeoning the local sports franchises being portrayed as parasites. Say what you may about the Chicago sports owners and franchises, but I’d say they conservatively contribute a few billion in direct and indirect revenue annually, and in a shrinking city with a population hemorrhage, you would think you would want to keep what you have left…not in CHIRAQ, home of bleed’em dry governance.

The gold standard cannot work with capitalism

I recently heard a respected economist repeat one of the most irksome misconceptions about the gold standard: That the price (or value) or gold never changes, and any apparent fluctuations are actually changes in the value of the dollar. This is easily disproved by simply looking at an inflation-adjust graph of gold prices

If it were true that it represented changes in the value of the dollar adjusting for inflation should render the graph a flat line, but clearly it doesn’t. Gold standard advocates will sometimes follow up that it instead represents the more nebulous concept of confidence in the value of the dollar, which is conveniently impossible to measure with any precision, but we can still disprove it fairly easily

The reason is one of the most fundamental rules of economics: prices are a function of supply and demand. As long as gold is traded in a free market, as long as people are able to buy, sell, and mine gold the market will always effect the price of gold. Sure you can argue that confidence in the dollar sets demand for gold, and that certainly is a factor, but there are still countless other factors, including confidence in the Euro and other currencies, simple speculation, and any other reason people might want gold (such as jewelry of electronics) You would have to posit that gold is somehow magically immune to these market forces (and that only USD speculators hedge with gold futures)

Ignoring the fact that the US government only has enough to gold to secure 1 in ever 5 US dollars currently in circulation, the gold standard, a stable currency. and capitalism cannot co-exist. You must choose no more than 2. If you want a stable dollar you must maintain a stable price, and this means controlling either supply or demand. Obviously you can never control demand so that is right out, leaving only supply. With fiat currency the Federal Reserve clearly has control over the supply of money, but on a gold standard there is no way to control the supply of gold in a capitalist environment. You would not only have to remove gold from the free markets in the US, but internationally as well, 

Imagine this: Currently US gold reserves stand at 8133 tons. China and Russia control a combine 5000 tons (and China has been growing their reserves in recent years) Now what would happen to the price of gold (and thus the value of the dollar, and in turn our economy) if China and Russia decided to flood the market by selling off all of their gold reserves? Gold, the dollar, and our economy would all tank.

Many gold standard advocates already fear China has a gun pointed at our economic head, moving to a gold standard would load the bullet in that gun

Are team sports championships determined by luck or skill?

They think they’re really really smart.

Thanks to Google tracking everything we do, I was recommended this year old Vox video the same day the NHL made sports history when all of their division winners were eliminated in the first round. Lib academic dorks trying to push an agenda would call that correlation, I call it your whole bullshit house of cards crumbling down. There are many variables in sports and endless probability possibilities in terms of bounces, physics, gravity, wind etc that determine the outcome of games. Just because the team with the best record wins the least championships in a sport, does not make the sport more lucky. Chalk wins every year in the NBA, that’s skill according to Vox? Basketball is a sport of 5 guys and a few role bench players, one guy matters. Basketball is the sport where an elite player has the most impact since it is the smallest team sport versus 6 in hockey, 11 in football, and 9 in baseball. A novice observer in any major sport can name at least one all star team that was put together in the offseason with high hopes only to disappoint during the season, 04 lakers, 011 Eagles, early 2000s Yankees etc. It’s called team sports Vox, individual skill is mitigated in a team setting, especially when the play is elevated in an elimination setting. The NHL’s top teams win the least because of the salary cap forced parody and it could be argued, it is the playoff sport most reliant on teamwork and chemistry. The NHL has a hard cap just like the NFL, who pioneered this model in the early 90s with their collective bargaining agreement. Their agenda: dynasties are boring, the rich are boring, let’s level the playing field and make everyone mediocre so every team and fan base feels involved in steady consumption. The actual result of sports socialism: shortlived teams with tepid tv ratings and a ticket buying audience consisting of mostly corporate season ticket holders. That’s why the NHL made history last night, it had nothing to do with luck. And meanwhile in the NBA first round snooze fest, the top 4 teams in each conference are advancing to the next round as usual.

There goes the vegas dynasty

5 mins?

In the summer of 1994, the once iconic SI proclaimed the Jordan-less NBA was passe and knighted the NHL playoffs as the new spring fling. That year’s bicoastal final brought a mainstream audience previously unfamiliar with the greatest tournament in sports. Fast forward 25 years, the southwest desert’s newest team was a cup contender in their first year of existence and were poised to repeat as western conference champion: game 7 up 3 – 0 with 10 minutes left on the road, building quiet, opponents dejected, Vegas poised to eliminate San Jose and then a double crosscheck on a faceoff, a little blood, and the entire game changed in an instant. San Jose scores 4 goals in 4 minutes on the 5 minute major power play, Vegas ties it with 40 seconds left, but the Sharks got the final goal with 1:50 left in overtime. The crosscheck that’ll live in infamy…4 minute double minor at its best, nothing a game should turn on, but the refs had another opinion. The infantile Vegas dynasty is officially over.

Vice pretends to lead ANTI TECH movement from the left

SPECIAL REPORT THE FUTURE OF WORK the synopsis reads. Vice has launched an anti tech campaign in the name of humanism. The fears they are pushing are more familiar to old school Democrats that used to support work and protect the labor markets they painstakingly cornered through armed mobs called unions. NAFTA changed everything, Democrats shifted their labor focus to welfare, illegals, and the government sector, which sadly is the largest union represented industry in the nation, and Republicans pushed globalisation, lower labor costs, and the first world service industry utopia that never came to fruition. In the past 25 years as corporations got richer and the wealth gap widened as the middle class shrank, cheapening technology eased the tension of lower wages. Now that everyone has a hand held computer more powerful than something that took up a warehouse 30 years ago, there is less of a need for all the products and services the smartphone has replaced. In a world with less people employed and more tech automation, there is going to be less demand for labor but people are still going to need money to purchase their robot gfs and i phone xxii. Since this is unavoidable, Vice is most likely subtly pushing universal basic income since there is no other solution to sustain human existence in a fully automated centralized environment. Robot is a czech word for slave, so I doubt they are going to increase anyone’s freedom moving forward. Enjoy life while you can, agenda 2030 is around the corner.

Trump threatens sanctuary cities with more illegal immigrants

Be careful what you wish for! Many classical philosophers are credited with their own spin on that phrase, and the indignation of the modern blue sanctuary city harkens back to the times of ancient Greece. A federal governing body cannot last when its vassell states are enacting their own policy contradictory to national law. If blue sanctuary cities insist on independent sovereignty, maybe a better solution would be state constitutional amendments that would lead to an eventual federal amendment or halt of what Democrats consider, federal overreach. If any federal judge across the land can control potus actions but not the actions of governors and mayors, there are grave threats to federalism. A quick solution to this could be the rise of the modern city state. If D.C. can be the new Athens, Chicago and New York can certainly be the new Troy and Sparta. City State sovereignty would solve many social, political, and financial problems. Since city states would be independent, they could not only make their own laws, but they would have to financially support themselves with fiscal responsibility. Hate the electoral college? Not when your city gets more electoral votes than the rednecks in the country! Gerrymandering? Let the hicks worry about that one! Win, win, win!