CBS Chicago admits millennials are leaving in droves, disables comments

Funny piece, I don’t know where to start. Do University of Chicago BA’s anecdotes matter more than others? Are they considered journalistic facts at this point? If millennials are fleeing because the government has smothered private investment, reduced employment opportunities, and taxed their way to unaffordable housing costs, who are they building all these new buildings for they show in the piece? Rich Chinese immigrants looking for tax shelters? The amenities of the city lol I really enjoyed that line, that’s why everyone is moving downtown, it isn’t like they destroyed the suburbs by moving all the project dwellers there, destroying value, while at the same time raising taxes, destroying value, and overrunning the public schools with high-risk, illiterate children, destroying value. Government is the real reason why millennials are leaving, namely the Democratic Machine, that has sucked Chicago dry for over a century. The parasites have gotten so fat in the Windy City the corpse is getting cold, that’s the story media won’t tell you, and that’s why the comments are disabled, the same reason fascist countries won’t allow a free internet, the truth might get out.

6 thoughts on “CBS Chicago admits millennials are leaving in droves, disables comments”

  1. People largely still visit Chicago, and millions of people work there, but no one wants to live there.

    This is why the city is considering a “commuter tax” that is an additional income tax on people who work in the city, but don’t live there.

    1. Garry McCarthy had suggested annexing several suburbs to counter the population loss, apparently totally ignorant of the fact that Chicago is losing population because people don’t want to live in Chicago (so the newly annexed residents would simply move again)

    1. Norridge, Oak Park, Oak Lawn and Evergreen Park were the specific suggestions he made.

      “We really need to talk about annexation. Nobody wants to talk about it. It’s a political football. [But] we’ve lost population. I could tell you how we could scoop up almost 160,000 people in a heartbeat”

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