Smollett skates on all charges

Not surprisingly, Jussie Smollet skated on all 16 charges placed against him by Cook County, IL today. The shocking part was that he was charged in the first place which makes this drama extra confusing and rather expedient, having only been charged a month ago and in addition to ties with the district attorney. The lawyer quotes from both sides in the CBS article are mind numbing. Where can the rest of us lineup for legal protection and state service like this? $10,000 in exchange for an exoneration of 16 felonies? Thousands of police hours were wasted costing the city millions and $10,000 and community service served foots the bill? And he retains the ability to keep perpetuating the lie he was the hate crime victim the entire time mistreated by racist cops! Blue State justice at its best.

Trump says he ‘PROBABLY never WILL’ like DECEASED McCain

Trump recently made some candid remarks about the late senator McCain, and many in the gop are calling foul. The two never seemed to get along and neither hid that fact, Trump’s ‘not a hero comments’ during the 2016 election and the equally infamous thumbs down on the Obamacare repeal and replace by McCain, were no secrets. Many in the conspiracy community online spread stories of George W and McCain’s deaths, which came shortly into Trump’s first term. This feud rehash is going to get the attention of many different parties, but I question its purpose outside the conspiracy realm.

No Cinderella, one buzzer beater, 2019 ncaa tournament stinks

After my bracket busted on day one, the excitement of the tournament quickly began to wane. Like every year, hope springs eternal, and then quickly washes away with the spring showers. In 2019, it’s all about chalk! The top 3 seeds in each region advanced for the first time since 2009, second time since the field expanded to 64 in 1985, in addition to half the 4’s, which spelled doom for my Cinderella rich sweet 16. The big 10 has shined, winning 7 games in the first round tying a NCAA record that could have been broken had Wisconsin defeated red hot 12 Oregon, the lowest seed advancing to the round of 16. Not one mid major will make it to the second weekend, for the first time in my memory. Gonzaga not counting of course, having long evolved from mid major March Madness pioneer to Duke west. The most impressive thing I saw all weekend on CBS was this hair hat.

Mueller report finds no Russian collusion, msm rests hopes on obstruction

After two years of a media fueled sire loser political witch hunt, the Mueller report has been delivered to Congress and the Justice Department, and early leaks say the contents are as fruitful as Al Capone’s vault. That’s an 80’s reference. Instead of coming clean after a two year charade, the mainstream media continues to perpetuate the hoax based on the possibility obstruction of justice has not been ruled out. Democrats, you lost the last election, the next one is in a year, give it up!

1917 Oklahoma chalkboard time capsule

Unscathed century old chalkboards were discovered in an old school in Oklahoma recently. Conservative audiences have picked it up, calling it a reminder of how far we have slid culturally in the past century. The old adage of taking God out of the classrooms come to mind. I was impressed by the lesson plans, and I fear our public schools were definitely doing a better job teaching students back then. The art was also very nice and refreshing in a sense, drawing must have been more common then. A curator said the boards cannot be moved, surprised some sort of epoxy mist could not be applied. Curious how the art museums keep their priceless chalk and charcoal pieces.

“It’s ok to be white” signs found on sxu campus

Remain vigilant in reporting any acts of free speech my indebted little commie slaves! Bias Reporting sounds like an old Soviet department. There’s so much wrong with this statement and the author is so ignorant I question it being worth my time. Modern higher education at its finest, a 35k a year private Catholic, in name only, liberal arts college on the wrong side of town in a decaying blue city, good riddance.

CBS Chicago admits millennials are leaving in droves, disables comments

Funny piece, I don’t know where to start. Do University of Chicago BA’s anecdotes matter more than others? Are they considered journalistic facts at this point? If millennials are fleeing because the government has smothered private investment, reduced employment opportunities, and taxed their way to unaffordable housing costs, who are they building all these new buildings for they show in the piece? Rich Chinese immigrants looking for tax shelters? The amenities of the city lol I really enjoyed that line, that’s why everyone is moving downtown, it isn’t like they destroyed the suburbs by moving all the project dwellers there, destroying value, while at the same time raising taxes, destroying value, and overrunning the public schools with high-risk, illiterate children, destroying value. Government is the real reason why millennials are leaving, namely the Democratic Machine, that has sucked Chicago dry for over a century. The parasites have gotten so fat in the Windy City the corpse is getting cold, that’s the story media won’t tell you, and that’s why the comments are disabled, the same reason fascist countries won’t allow a free internet, the truth might get out.

The LEFT’S new viral video fad: Venezuela is great!

Since possibly his greatest quote ever, POTUS 45 continues to attract heat and fascist accusations from opponents who consider him anti media. In our current times, any time you criticize anything, you are labeled anti something, at minimum racist. In no form can anyone from the right accuse the mainstream media of even a left leaning bias without getting laughed at. Enter the new ‘Venezuela is Great’ campaign reminiscent of WMD’s in Iraq.

So once again left, which is it? Is media the infallible 4th column that needs to be protected at all costs that has more free speech rights that average citizens, or is it all bullshit that you use to your advantage then abandon when narratives you don’t like are championed like I don’t know, WMD’s in Iraq, Saudis did 9/11, Jussie Smollett was a hate crime victim etc. Are these videos authentic? Are people visiting the rich, more capitalist, anti Maduro neighborhoods, or are they unauthentic propoganda pieces for the left to undermine Trump’s foreign policy and credibility? The media has such little credibility across political spectrums they are easy collateral damage scapegoats in a larger election cycle play.