Is Trump’s N. Korea strategy working?

Was Kim wearing contacts or are the glasses just for fashion?

The Trump/Kim Summit #2 ended abruptly today when a deal could not be reached on the number of nuclear facilities that needed to be closed for U.S. sanctions to be lifted. According to President Trump, Kim offered to close their main facility only and not the additional secret facilities the U.S. admittedly discovered through recent surveillance. This revelation, presented to Kim at the Hanoi Summit, may have been too surprising for the pantsuit dictator to immediately counteroffer. Perhaps he had thought the Americans did not know of his additional facilities, or the pessimists are correct and Kim is only buying time for his weapons program to work out the kinks. Personally I think Kim has no choice but to make a deal with the U.S. and Seoul for the survival of his nation, people, and regime. Maybe his general’s are pressuring him to not make a deal regardless of what Trump and Pompeo offer. My prediction is they will meet again in 6 months, and a deal will be signed before the holidays.

Colorado Dems rush to give away voting rights

On their way to Colorado, this happened.

Just when we all thought they couldn’t get any dumber, the new left proves us all wrong once again. Colorado is rushing to give their voting rights away to nearby California, in a bill ready to be signed by their governor. Democrats are still so bitter about their 2016 loss, they’re exchanging their vote in every future election for a Trump loss in 2020. Maher just said on his show that conservatives’ biggest issue was their jealousy of blue states, the home of fun and knowledge. How ignorant can you be to voluntarily give away your voting rights out of a petty grudge against a politician you claim is Hitler? So not only do you want to give Hitler all your guns, now you want to remove state barriers that prevent an urban populist from rising to power? Dems can’t get any dumber.

Delusional left still in denial over Smollett truth

This maybe the dumbest website I have ever found. Are they serious? I didn’t intend on reading this, but curiosity got the best of me. How can you be that detached from reality? Wtf does Kelly Anne have to do with this idiot’s fake hate crime? Leftist moral equivalency at its best. Wasn’t Smollett the one giving police alternative facts? Didn’t the Nigerian brothers then provide the police with their own alternative facts? Weren’t the mainstream media and Democrat politicians proliferating alternative facts since this fake event happened? Unreal…

Do illegal aliens have more rights than u.s. citizens?

Modern Dems posses a platform logic map that resembles a spaghetti dinner you throw against the wall. The same Dems that pushed smart i.d., southern border barriers, and conspiracy theories post 9/11, now think the current POTUS is a racist Russian agent who benefited from fake news created by Russian boots which led to their unfavorable 2016 election result. Everything is kept hidden from the public, and those who try to release it, Snoden, Assange, are demonized to a level that one could call it projection. Podesta’s emails were never questioned for authenticity, only for source. Seth Rich’s murder was never taken seriously even though it’s much more likely the Democratic Committee emails were extracted internally based on data transfer speeds and a little thing scientists call Occam’s razor.

Why wouldn’t people contemplate the fantastical when their government treats them like stupid slaves, is that what we really are? Why do illegals have more rights than U.S. citizens inside the supposed sovereign boundaries of the United States? Is their truth to the 14th amendment/U.S. Corp 1871 conspiracy? Why is it unfair to block travel from fundamentalist Muslim countries when we are now told by Dems one cannot question the 9/11 story or the any news in general, or face the consequences: no job, no social media, no gun, no travel. But what about illegals? Their travel is unrestricted, their court appearances are optional, and they receive no consequences for their transgressions. The recently passed omnibus bill contained billions for frivolous projects and even $15 million to protect Pakistan’s border, but the POTUS is wrong for demanding money to protect our border. The same POTUS that suggested a pullout from Syria and ordered a deployment to the southern birder before Thanksgiving. Do we have a country anymore? Maybe birth certificates and social security cards are overrated.

Appeals judge says sanctuary cities can’t be denied federal funds

New rules? Since when was treason a new rule? When you harbor and protect foreign nationals from the federal government that is clearly treason, not sure why this isn’t being pursued in court. Oh yeah, that’s right, Trump keeps appointing Dumbos to be AG. Nevermind.