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Cubs must immediately ban black white supremacist sox player from Wrigley for life


First strike: Casually hurls racial slurs at the opposing team exposing players and fans of color to hate speech.

Second strike: Brazenly high fives white coach then proudly flashes the white supremacy symbol for everyone to see before he touches home plate.

How long will major league baseball allow this unalloyed racist to scream the n word during games and flash symbols that represent centuries of bloodshed at the hands of white supremacy?

You have 16 days until the crosstown series Ricketts family! If this man is not banned, a protest demonstration and boycott will be launched so the entire world knows of your true feelings toward people of color!

Batter called out after homerun, not the first time



In my life time I have never seen this before in the majors, but last Friday it happened during a Southside comeback. Even though it was Jose Abreu’s responsibility as the batter not to pass the lead runner, young shortstop Tim Anderson, coming fresh off the bat flip hip hop language controversy, was the runner that got passed so naturally he caught the ire of both local and national pundits. Sadly I first watched a clip from CBS promoted by the everything dies in darkness except for fungus compost, and the narrator mentioned nothing of the historic homerun gaff, only referencing Anderson’s language controversy and subsequent game winning homerun. Just goes to show you how politicised even sports news has become in recent years, cannot escape the fake news narrative for a second! Who cares about stats and history when you’ve got racism? Woke sports.