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U.S. politburo clown Roberts doesn’t know what a census is


The never ending election cycle blackhole we have been sucked into since 2015 will never end. What is left of our country, society, and world? Clowns and black pills. I can’t even write about most of the dog shit we’re bombarded with every day because it is too surreal. Our courts have become a circus without justice just as government has little to do with governing. For the rich cloud riders in D.C., a census is as foreign as a Walmart self checkout or a fine for not having insurance. A census is an event that happens once a decade in order to count citizens so that the states have proper representation in our democratic republic. In today’s woke justice system, intent, race, and thought crime means more than law, objectivity, and common sense. The entire point of a census is to count citizens. Period. It has nothing to do with pretext as this pathetic Bloomberg article states. What is a country without a border, citizens, or government? With conservatives like Roberts and Kavanaugh, who needs libtards? With more illegal immigrantion than ever, who needs Trump? What the hell have we become? An empire in decline full of clowns.