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Oklahoma softball team flashes white supremacy gesture during championship

During the top of the 7th inning in Tuesday’s NCAA softball championship, the entire Oklahoma team held up the white supremacy symbol after their only black player tied the game with a homerun with 2 outs in the final inning. It is uncertain if the racist mostly white team was mocking their teammate who just tied the game or if this is how they display their white privilege every game . When is the NCAA going to stop endorsing and encouraging dangerous white supremacy that is destroying our diverse country? Events like this only further marginalize black students who are already harrassed, assaulted, and victimized daily by white culture on every college campus across this racist nation. The NCAA must strip Oklahoma of all their victories in the 2019 season, investigate the program, and put them on athletic probation until each racist player in that photo is expelled and the toxic white culture in Norman is eradicated for good.

1917 Oklahoma chalkboard time capsule


Unscathed century old chalkboards were discovered in an old school in Oklahoma recently. Conservative audiences have picked it up, calling it a reminder of how far we have slid culturally in the past century. The old adage of taking God out of the classrooms come to mind. I was impressed by the lesson plans, and I fear our public schools were definitely doing a better job teaching students back then. The art was also very nice and refreshing in a sense, drawing must have been more common then. A curator said the boards cannot be moved, surprised some sort of epoxy mist could not be applied. Curious how the art museums keep their priceless chalk and charcoal pieces.