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The LEFT’S new viral video fad: Venezuela is great!

Since possibly his greatest quote ever, POTUS 45 continues to attract heat and fascist accusations from opponents who consider him anti media. In our current times, any time you criticize anything, you are labeled anti something, at minimum racist. In no form can anyone from the right accuse the mainstream media of even a left leaning bias without getting laughed at. Enter the new ‘Venezuela is Great’ campaign reminiscent of WMD’s in Iraq.

So once again left, which is it? Is media the infallible 4th column that needs to be protected at all costs that has more free speech rights that average citizens, or is it all bullshit that you use to your advantage then abandon when narratives you don’t like are championed like I don’t know, WMD’s in Iraq, Saudis did 9/11, Jussie Smollett was a hate crime victim etc. Are these videos authentic? Are people visiting the rich, more capitalist, anti Maduro neighborhoods, or are they unauthentic propoganda pieces for the left to undermine Trump’s foreign policy and credibility? The media has such little credibility across political spectrums they are easy collateral damage scapegoats in a larger election cycle play.