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Trump crosses dmz


In the middle of the night, Kim Jong Un accepted Trump’s invitation via Twitter and met the potus at the DMZ, then invited him to cross for a handshake on North Korean soil. President Trump one again made history, being the first potus to visit North Korea in a chaotic scene of secret service, Kim bodyguards, and media from around the world. It easily could have turned into a horrific tragedy, but Trump smiled with confidence as he sauntered over to the border while Kim hurried down the steps with his most trusted protectors. Despite the expected criticism from the mainstream media, this was arguably the most significant border event since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The Korean War is not officially over but symbolically it is. Trump has changed the U.S. strategy in Asia and progress is being made. The mainstream media insists more of the same would be better, which, no surprise, is the definition of insanity.