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Google brags about increasing authority in shooting search results


In today’s ep of 1984, the Guardian released an odd article about Google tweaking the search results of U.S. shootings. The left is absolutely in love with this topic, and Google is making sure everyone sees the information they want them to see. I never fail to be annoyed by British media and their relentless obsession with Yank politics, the same international liberals who will also tell you America is neither exceptional nor the center of the western world. Why does Google care about shooting search results? What is the ‘fog’ they referred to? Too many eye witness accounts leaking online before the mainstream media can set the narrative in stone? What is foggy about crime statistics? Are numbers privileged? Do they contain implicit bias? What the hell is Google doing? Search results used to be based on popularity, now when you search popular vote negatives you will get only positives. Funny how the same people pushing pure democracy only believe in it when the pendulum swings their way. The left and their tech minion Google are despicable. I cannot believe they released a story like this in the wake of the 2020 election fix whistle blower controversy. That was last week’s news so it is long forgotten. In any other time a major corporation colluding to fix an election would be a big deal to the liberal media. If only it were Russia!

NBC news uses fake pic to push measles hysteria

Lazy millennial craftsmanship

Noooooooo, not NBC news!!!! They’re not fake like that gross Fox news rednecks and hillbillies watch! In the age of weaponized digital autism, the mainstream media are increasingly getting caught cutting corners, but that doesn’t seem to stop them one bit! You’d think you’d try to improve your methods, try harder, maybe get with the times, create your own b roll, na we’ll just google baby and use the first image that pops up and draw some red dots on it, sounds great! Quality, quality journalism once again from the precious 4th estate that should never be criticized for any reason.

Delusional left still in denial over Smollett truth


This maybe the dumbest website I have ever found. Are they serious? I didn’t intend on reading this, but curiosity got the best of me. How can you be that detached from reality? Wtf does Kelly Anne have to do with this idiot’s fake hate crime? Leftist moral equivalency at its best. Wasn’t Smollett the one giving police alternative facts? Didn’t the Nigerian brothers then provide the police with their own alternative facts? Weren’t the mainstream media and Democrat politicians proliferating alternative facts since this fake event happened? Unreal…

How msm created jussie smollett


The mainstream media is having a horrible 2019 so far, to quote a famous man, “it’s been a disaster!” From the Covington kids to defending the Virginia governor to widespread sanctioned infanticide to the now disgraced Empire star, the msm have sustained L after L after L, and they have nobody to blame but themselves! Wipe that egg off your face and get ready for the next sunny side order up because things have no signs of changing!

If you watch any mainstream media for a short period of time, it’s obvious what the biases are: orange man bad, white man bad, Christian bad, America bad, red hat bad etc. It’s literally everywhere, there’s no escaping it! Complete blanket propoganda on the internet, tv, streams, cable, local and national news, public school, college, everywhere! The U.S. has turned into Goebbel’s wet dream, and I’m not using hyperbole! Let that sink in and make sure you share it with a friend next time they start regurgitating libtard talking points.

Hilary labelled it best, the ‘deplorables’, the people so fallen and irredeemable they don’t deserve to be treated like human beings. This is classic demonization, the main purpose of the blanket propoganda. Look no further than this year’s Oscar nominated best picture Amerikkka, or last year’s nominee and ‘best ORIGINAL screenplay winner, the neo-liberal fantasy porn, Get Out. Both of these movies are bad, pure race bating movies, with nothing original about them, but that no longer matters, they hit all the notes msm approves of, so their creators were rewarded handsomely. Only 10 years before, a star studded cast with a story of a Mexican cartel drug deal gone wrong won best picture, now we’re told there is no border crisis, we are a nation of immigrants. Boy have things changed in a decade!

If you want to understand the Jussie Smollett story, you need to talk to a young person. It won’t take long for you to realize, most millennials hate this country, and there’s no changing their mind. Gen Z have some promise, but they’re not all voting for another decade. The American youth voting block consists of children raised in liberal households with no guidance other than media and public school, to me two heads of the same snake, and what have they taught them? America is the worst, most racist country ever founded by whites, who were demonic savages from caves that robbed and destroyed all the ancient non-white cultures out of jealousy. Their currency is ignorance, and boy are they rich!

Your average millennial knows nothing about history, finance, or responsibility, and that is exactly why they are so gullible and vulnerable to propoganda. Millennials love wealth redistribution, abortion, and racial segregation, hate white men, familes, and babies because this has been pounded into their head from birth by every facet of the media we all dutifully support every day. Jussie Smollett is no different, he was raised by the same fake media talking points, and he most likely thought that in today’s world, if you’re ever caught in a bind, just blame a white male conservative and everyone will believe you, the ‘ruby slippers’ of the 2010’s.

Unfortunately, Jussie is woke like Kapernick not like Neo, and he doesn’t understand how popular Trump and his message of returning America to prominence really is. Why? All he has heard from the media is Trump is a Russian agent, Trump is going to jail, him and his supporters are racists, he stole the election, Hillary got more votes, not my POTUS! He went and saw a movie, what did he see? Most white men are in the klan, they drive around at night through peaceful, loving, clean, government assistance free black neighborhoods, hanging every black child they see simply for the color of their skin. White cops are racist, looking to shoot any black person they see for any reason. All whites are rich because they owned slaves, and their daughters use sex to lure black men into their mansions so they can brutally sacrifice them. No wonder he thinks and acts the way he does, and it’s our fault for putting up with it! Stop giving these media monsters money! Don’t patronize any of their race bating garbage! By supporting them, you are implying consent of content which is leading to more racial strife than this country has seen in 60 years. It’s time for everyone to come together and heal the division created by msm.

No truer words were ever written by any POTUS this century.