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Cubs must immediately ban black white supremacist sox player from Wrigley for life


First strike: Casually hurls racial slurs at the opposing team exposing players and fans of color to hate speech.

Second strike: Brazenly high fives white coach then proudly flashes the white supremacy symbol for everyone to see before he touches home plate.

How long will major league baseball allow this unalloyed racist to scream the n word during games and flash symbols that represent centuries of bloodshed at the hands of white supremacy?

You have 16 days until the crosstown series Ricketts family! If this man is not banned, a protest demonstration and boycott will be launched so the entire world knows of your true feelings toward people of color!

Chiraq crony capitalism & professional sports


Twenty five years after the Blackhawks played their final game at the old madhouse, they’re at odds with the exiting CHIRAQ mayor Emmanuel over tax breaks and rates. In nothing short of amusing, the mayor is trying to out flank the Blackhawks brass to the right by citing capitalism lol Unsure how raising money through tax increases to build competition is capitalism, but I digress.

It is very true that sports billionaires have abused their clout in certain cities, selfishly subsidizing their business on the backs of the tax payer, but elected officials are the ones that ink and benefit from the sweet heart deals. Local governments can always say no, but they usually don’t, and the old purposes that were served by public private venue partnerships no longer exist. The ‘public’ rarely use the facilities outside of being paying customers to sporting events and pop music shows. The days of public use in the era of billion dollar stadiums have passed. Recently the White Sox were criticized for receiving tax dollars 30 years ago for a stadium not used by anyone but them.

Emmanuel is a lame duck with few allies left in the metro, which is why many, including myself and Blackhawks ownership, find his recent ‘run to the right’ behavior especially hilarious after four years of relentless Trump bashing. Virtue signaling for police and against Smollet, now touting capitalism while bludgeoning the local sports franchises being portrayed as parasites. Say what you may about the Chicago sports owners and franchises, but I’d say they conservatively contribute a few billion in direct and indirect revenue annually, and in a shrinking city with a population hemorrhage, you would think you would want to keep what you have left…not in CHIRAQ, home of bleed’em dry governance.

Chiraq, gun free zone with 170 interstate shootings since 2016, solution: more government


Wow, 170 interstate shootings in the past 3 years, where’s the liberal school shooting outrage crowd? Surprised this story hasn’t gotten more national traction, oh that’s right, it’s inconvenient facts that don’t qualify as news in our modern society. Ask anyone from around the world how many expressway shootings their city has endured and I’m sure it’s well under 100, if any. In this latest edition of senseless black liberal gun crime in public places, 2 teens were hospitalized and a 27 year old perished. CNN has yet to comment. I doubt Hillary will tweet about it and the pundits won’t be punching the table demanding the guns be outlawed because they’re already outlawed.

Human life only matters when it matches whatever demographic agenda is being pushed. Sadly in most blue cities, no lives matter, especially black. So what’s the government freedom sucking solution masked in black activism: more cameras! In a broke state that can’t even effectively monitor the thousands of cameras they already have! The escalation will be when a young hip congressman suggests cameras are too expensive, let’s just chip all the license plates and pass the extra expense onto the already fleeced tax payer! This is a bargain considering all the lives that’ll be saved! It would be nice if someone had the confidence and common sense to say, how about we simply stop shooting at each other on the road?

New chicago mayor wants fair share of federal tax dollars


“But he’s still the president of the United States,” Lightfoot added. “We are due our fair share of a return on tax dollars and I want to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can, and figuring out a way to build a constructive relationship with the White House has to be part of our Washington strategy.”

Smollett skates on all charges


Not surprisingly, Jussie Smollet skated on all 16 charges placed against him by Cook County, IL today. The shocking part was that he was charged in the first place which makes this drama extra confusing and rather expedient, having only been charged a month ago and in addition to ties with the district attorney. The lawyer quotes from both sides in the CBS article are mind numbing. Where can the rest of us lineup for legal protection and state service like this? $10,000 in exchange for an exoneration of 16 felonies? Thousands of police hours were wasted costing the city millions and $10,000 and community service served foots the bill? And he retains the ability to keep perpetuating the lie he was the hate crime victim the entire time mistreated by racist cops! Blue State justice at its best.

CBS Chicago admits millennials are leaving in droves, disables comments

Funny piece, I don’t know where to start. Do University of Chicago BA’s anecdotes matter more than others? Are they considered journalistic facts at this point? If millennials are fleeing because the government has smothered private investment, reduced employment opportunities, and taxed their way to unaffordable housing costs, who are they building all these new buildings for they show in the piece? Rich Chinese immigrants looking for tax shelters? The amenities of the city lol I really enjoyed that line, that’s why everyone is moving downtown, it isn’t like they destroyed the suburbs by moving all the project dwellers there, destroying value, while at the same time raising taxes, destroying value, and overrunning the public schools with high-risk, illiterate children, destroying value. Government is the real reason why millennials are leaving, namely the Democratic Machine, that has sucked Chicago dry for over a century. The parasites have gotten so fat in the Windy City the corpse is getting cold, that’s the story media won’t tell you, and that’s why the comments are disabled, the same reason fascist countries won’t allow a free internet, the truth might get out.

How msm created jussie smollett


The mainstream media is having a horrible 2019 so far, to quote a famous man, “it’s been a disaster!” From the Covington kids to defending the Virginia governor to widespread sanctioned infanticide to the now disgraced Empire star, the msm have sustained L after L after L, and they have nobody to blame but themselves! Wipe that egg off your face and get ready for the next sunny side order up because things have no signs of changing!

If you watch any mainstream media for a short period of time, it’s obvious what the biases are: orange man bad, white man bad, Christian bad, America bad, red hat bad etc. It’s literally everywhere, there’s no escaping it! Complete blanket propoganda on the internet, tv, streams, cable, local and national news, public school, college, everywhere! The U.S. has turned into Goebbel’s wet dream, and I’m not using hyperbole! Let that sink in and make sure you share it with a friend next time they start regurgitating libtard talking points.

Hilary labelled it best, the ‘deplorables’, the people so fallen and irredeemable they don’t deserve to be treated like human beings. This is classic demonization, the main purpose of the blanket propoganda. Look no further than this year’s Oscar nominated best picture Amerikkka, or last year’s nominee and ‘best ORIGINAL screenplay winner, the neo-liberal fantasy porn, Get Out. Both of these movies are bad, pure race bating movies, with nothing original about them, but that no longer matters, they hit all the notes msm approves of, so their creators were rewarded handsomely. Only 10 years before, a star studded cast with a story of a Mexican cartel drug deal gone wrong won best picture, now we’re told there is no border crisis, we are a nation of immigrants. Boy have things changed in a decade!

If you want to understand the Jussie Smollett story, you need to talk to a young person. It won’t take long for you to realize, most millennials hate this country, and there’s no changing their mind. Gen Z have some promise, but they’re not all voting for another decade. The American youth voting block consists of children raised in liberal households with no guidance other than media and public school, to me two heads of the same snake, and what have they taught them? America is the worst, most racist country ever founded by whites, who were demonic savages from caves that robbed and destroyed all the ancient non-white cultures out of jealousy. Their currency is ignorance, and boy are they rich!

Your average millennial knows nothing about history, finance, or responsibility, and that is exactly why they are so gullible and vulnerable to propoganda. Millennials love wealth redistribution, abortion, and racial segregation, hate white men, familes, and babies because this has been pounded into their head from birth by every facet of the media we all dutifully support every day. Jussie Smollett is no different, he was raised by the same fake media talking points, and he most likely thought that in today’s world, if you’re ever caught in a bind, just blame a white male conservative and everyone will believe you, the ‘ruby slippers’ of the 2010’s.

Unfortunately, Jussie is woke like Kapernick not like Neo, and he doesn’t understand how popular Trump and his message of returning America to prominence really is. Why? All he has heard from the media is Trump is a Russian agent, Trump is going to jail, him and his supporters are racists, he stole the election, Hillary got more votes, not my POTUS! He went and saw a movie, what did he see? Most white men are in the klan, they drive around at night through peaceful, loving, clean, government assistance free black neighborhoods, hanging every black child they see simply for the color of their skin. White cops are racist, looking to shoot any black person they see for any reason. All whites are rich because they owned slaves, and their daughters use sex to lure black men into their mansions so they can brutally sacrifice them. No wonder he thinks and acts the way he does, and it’s our fault for putting up with it! Stop giving these media monsters money! Don’t patronize any of their race bating garbage! By supporting them, you are implying consent of content which is leading to more racial strife than this country has seen in 60 years. It’s time for everyone to come together and heal the division created by msm.

No truer words were ever written by any POTUS this century.