The fuzzy math of the “Billionaire Tax”

So far all the Democrats who have declared their candidacy for the 2020 nomination, as well old hats like Bernie Sanders and young Party members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez all agree on is we need to tax billionaires (some saying to point of nonexistence) and use that money to fund all the trillions of dollars of additional spending they want, notably Medicare-for-All.

The problem that no one wants to talk about is that for all their wealth, the billionaires simply don’t have that much money, not on the order of what these Democrats want to spend.  So here’s some math:

Medicare-for-All is estimated to cost 32 trillion dollars over 10 years, that averages to 3.2 trillion per year (it would actually be higher in the first few years as the program ramps up, but 3.2 trillion is fine for our purposes) Every billionaire in the country, when combined, have a total net worth of about 2.8 trillion dollars. That’s not all liquid assets, or even liquidable, so there’s no way you could get the full 2.8 trillion out of them, ever, but again 2,8 trillion is fine for our purposes

So we need 3.2 trillion per year, and we can get as much as 2,8 trillion but putting every billionaire in the poor house. That doesn’t even get us to December of the first year of Medicare-for-All, let alone all the other programs

Obviously we can go after the rest of the so-called “1%” (anyone with a net worth over about 10 million dollars) to keep the train rolling a little more. Now its much harder to find figures for a total net worth of the top 1% but its estimated to be about 40% of the total wealth of the country, that total is just under 100 trillion for all households and nonprofit organizations. So 40% of 100 trillion, minus the 2.8 trillion we already spent, leaves 37.2 trillion. Again these are not all liquidable assets, but we can still use this figure. It will at least get us over the next 10 years of Medicare-for-All, with about 8 trillion left, so liberally 3 more years of Medicare for a total of 13 years,

Similarly by going after the rest of the millionaires (the top 10%) we can collect about another 20 trillion, which we are going to need because we’ve only funded Medicare for the last 13 years, not any other government program. But at current spending levels 20 trillion will only last 5 years, not 13. Sure we also collect income taxes from people with less than 1 million net worth, but the portion is much smaller (the bottom 90% pays about 30% of the total income tax)

Basically the only conclusion is that if we want Medicare-for-All we need to not only raise taxes on the ultra-wealthy, but also the regular wealthy, the middle class, and maybe even the working class. Effective tax rates will need to be at least doubled across the board. If you don’t believe me look at the European states that we want to emulate with universal healthcare, their middle and working classes are taxed at about double what we pay here

All that just to fund Medicare, a program that no one who is forced to use even likes, and anyone with an option immediately abandons. Maybe we should force government employees to use Medicare first, then see if they want that everyone

VA gov’s chronic foot in mouth disease

Governor Northam’s most recent national t.v. appearance

And we thought Trump had balls…maybe balls isn’t the right word, bravado, hootspa, ignorance, I honestly don’t know what you call it, but the embroiled VA gov continues to turn the heat up on himself and looks like he could not be more satisfied. Maybe this guy is a next level sociopath publically auditioning for the third installment of American Psycho? The second one was disappointing, he could relaunch the entire series with an old south twist. I don’t think one politician has made so many offensive gaffs in such a short period and that covered the entire political outrage spectrum, and he’s a Democrat!!! He starts with post birth abortions, ends with African chattel slaves being indentured servants, and sandwiched in the middle is blackface, a klan hood, and Michael Jackson…wow!!! I’m speechless…but Trump’s racist right?

The end is near for McDonald’s

Da da da da da, I’m towin’ it…..

In the long-run, profits equal zero, and for McDonald’s, the end maybe sooner than later. In my opinion, their demise started with the dollar menu bonanza and ended with the 24 hour breakfast menu. When a company starts changing that means their current outlook doesn’t look good, so changes are made to maintain the desired profit margins. McDonald’s continues to rebrand itself in international markets to cater to local tastes, shrimp in Chinese locations etc. But in the US, revenue and customers have peaked, and for the past ten years, the innovator of fast food has struggled to meet the curent expectations set by their competitors and demanded from their shrinking, older customer base.

Despite whatever McDonald’s brass thinks, they are not Starbucks, Chikfila, or Five Guys and they never will. Apple didn’t try to be IBM, Amazon didn’t try to be Walmart, and so on. Newcomers innovate, that’s what changes the balance of power in markets. McDonald’s is failing to innovate, they’ve been playing catchup for over a decade, and it’s beginning to show. I see them quickly turning into a food tech/information company, and that’s a huge decline from the golden arch fastfood institution with the fun movie and toy promotions we all grew up not being able to live without.

People went to McDonald’s for everything but the food, maybe the fries, now there’s nothing left but the food and it’s no longer a dollar or two; that is unless you give them all your information and let them track you with their new app, then most of your food is free. If anyone bothered going to McDonald’s anymore, I’d suggest you notice next time you’re in the not-so-busy drive thru, few people pay anymore, they just get their app scanned. Not sure how well that business model looks moving forward. Sell and short Mickey D’s until further notice, be awhile before I’m back.

Marxism gets attacked both physically & philosophically on feb 5, 2019


On February 5th, Marx’s tomb was attacked by land, and by nightfall potus excel lance Donald Trump was dropping truth bombs all over zombified western socialism. Coincidence or fate? Surprised the fakenews didn’t try to blame Trump for the attack, luckily it happened before the SOTU address. Maybe that’s why Bernie turned so red when Trump berated his religion.


Nobody deserves to have their memorials defaced after death, unless they fought for the ideals of the USA or founded the USA; if that’s the case, then their memories must be removed from all property, public and private immediately. After trillions were wasted and millions perished, the Europeans chose to welcome socialism with open arms, and now the woke U.S. millenials have been doing much of the same. During Trump’s renewed renounce of socialism, Cortez’s face summed up her generation.

Smug, spoiled, and clueless

What I found most alarming was the rush to admonish this hannus act perpetrated against the mankind’s darling that we all should mimic in our daily lives. Nobody killed more people in human history than Karl Marx, yet his tomb is supposed to be worshipped while monuments of Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, William McKinley, George Washington, all must be torn down. I know the Marx tomb is in a private Victorian cemetery, but the hypocrisy proliferated by the legacy media, and the most worthless generation since the baby boomers, is suffocating us all into moral extinction. 😪 😪 <— the real Marx seldom mentioned

Texas Flood

Blackface is bad but only for nonliberals

In 2019 politics, one day you’re passionately touting a new unfettered abortion bill on a local female hosted radio show, the next day you’re defending your college yearbook klan photo; the day after, your black lieutenant governor has a newly leaked 15yo sex scandal, the day after that the attorney general admits he wore black face 40 years ago, and the day after that the Senate majority leader confesses he created the infamous yearbook page. Welcome to the modern Virginia Democratic Party! Wait a minute, wasn’t Jefferson a racist for possibly having an affair with one of his inherited slaves during his golden years, 200 years ago?

In an effort to double deflect, the controversy that started with the hypothetical of killing a child during birth has been reduced to who wore black face and when. Megyn Kelly was fired last year for admitting people wore politically incorrect costumes 40 years ago. NBC had a zero tolerance, lol, policy. The VA Democrats are not resigning, and pictures from the past are being posted on social media of liberal entertainment darlings, who also wore blackface, and received zero admonishment.

The hypocrisy is obvious, but where does the social conversation go from here? Are liberals going to continue dominating our ever-changing social norms? Or is this an inflection point where common sense, context, and accountability returns to dictate American adult behavior? I’m cynical that anything changes for the better. My prediction: this will be spun as more white racism exasperated by the current potus, the outed stars will double down on virtue signaling as a form of apology, and everyone will forget about unfettered abortion laws quietly being passed in state houses coast to coast.

Tide pod gen athletes only play when they win

Na na na na na we like this guy better… #TidePodPrivlege

The National Drama Association’s 2017 and 2018 champs finally got their potus visit, but not with the current one residing at the WH; no they visited the former one that lives down the street in a smaller gated property. In what appears to be a rec center lobby, the team proudly posed with their potus. The entire organization was so proud of the event, it occurred secretly on a weekday in late January in under 60 minutes and the pictures that resulted were quickly deleted off of all social media venues. Until I heard the Patriots’ tide pods already protesting this morning, I had totally forgotten about this petty squabble from 2017. In our current media cycle, that seems like 5 years ago at least. The single-mother raised, publically educated and funded players are too ignorant and spoiled to warrant much attention or money these days with domestic audiences, enter emerging global markets. Players received a large salary increase last year due to increased broadcast contract revenues thanks to their only growing market, China. U.S. audiences are getting fed up with Hollywood and big media in general, and the progenitors could not careless because they’ve moved on to new colonies. Maybe next year’s champs should visit Winnie the Pooh.

Democrats love endless mideast war only 50% less than Republicans

Half of the Democrat Senate voted along with the Republicans, minus Rand Paul, to continue the endless money and blood sacrifice in the middle east. President Trump told CBS over the weekend, that the U.S. could not completely withdraw from Syria, like he promised last December and durung the 2016 campaign, because Israel and other assets needed protection and Iran required supervision.

Many MAGA faithful have been jumping off the Trump train in 2019, due to key campaign promises not being kept, namely border security and an end to the middle east wars. There are even conservative pacts organizing money to run a symbolic candidate like Anne Coulter in 2020, hoping it would wake Trump up. The recent government shutdown was an obvious Waterloo, only the most recent in a series of unforced errors starting with the Flynn firing, and it is looking like a key turning point in the wrong direction for this administration.

Trump continues to dig his hole deeper by appointing neocon snakes like Bolton and Barr and listening to liberals like his son in law. I have never seen a potus receive such disrespect, disloyalty, and poor advise from his advisors and staff. With friends like these, who needs Democrats? I would not doubt if most of the Dems that voted along with McConnell on the middle east war bill did so just because it was the opposite of what Trump wanted. The swamp is beginning to rise and get the MAGA movement wet.