Va gov = maga meme red meat

It did not take long for the MAGA faithful to easily capitalize on the newly disgraced Virginia governor. Still reeling from the last meme war and with the 2020 election season already ramping up, the left has to keep their memeable moments to a minimum if they want to seriously contend for the hearts and minds of young voters on social media. Unless the tech giants increase their censorship to beyond 1984 levels, young liberals that ‘know how to code’ must match the MAGA base’s online intensity. If the dems lose again this time around at both the ballot box and the meme boards, Russian bots will not be a valid excuse for even the most staunch MSNBC viewer.

When rights aren’t rights

One of the first things Democrats did after taking control of the House of Representatives this year was to introduce a constitutional amendment to eliminate the Electoral College. The purpose is of course to prevent the election of Republican presidents who lose the popular vote (as Trump did in 2016 and Bush in 2000) This makes sense since much of the recent campaign battles have been over Supreme Court justices, and of course appointing them is one of the few powers the president has to make a lasting impact

What’s interesting to me though, is that for all the fearmongering over Trump’s appointments and Republicans controlling the Senate that seminal cases like Roe v. Wade might be overturned, Democrats did not see fit to introduce an amendment guaranteeing a right to an abortion. It would have a better chance of ratification than the Electoral College amendment, and would eliminate fears of Roe being overturned.

But that is of course exactly the problem, Democrats can’t afford to eliminate fear, they need it for their campaign. Your rights can be no safer than the next Supreme Court case, so if you want to keep them you must elect Democrats who will appoint progressive judges (of course as I noted in my previous post, this puts you on the hook for the entire progressive agenda, not just the parts you like)

Naturally Republicans are not to be outdone, they can introduce an amendment to clarify or expand the 2nd Amendment, guarantee religious business owners to operate their business in line with their religious beliefs, or to fix any of the problems they like to fearmonger about, they but they don’t want to either.

Obviously these are not rights at all, but rather privileges in a form of “benevolent” dictatorship, whose benevolence depends on you keeping the right dictators in power.

The biggest threat to political tribalism

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of billionaire and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announcing his intent to run for president in 2020 as an independent, and I’m sure you’ve also heard the Democrats’ responses. How did we get to a point where it is somehow “undemocratic” to have more options on a ballot? Have we really fallen so deep into tribalism that only the 2 major parties are allowed to decide who gets to be president? 

The biggest threat, of course, to such tribalism is people who check some boxes of one of the major parties, but not all of them. The person who believes in LGBT rights, but not gun control, or the pro-choice who is also concerned about unchecked and reckless federal spending.  As both parties race full speed away from the center they need those centrists to be forced to choose one extreme or the other, and of course independent and third party candidates give voters another option. But the establishment parties need to force their extremist agendas on people by attaching them to the policies people want, so naturally when someone comes along without all the far-right or far-left baggage people are intrigued.

Sure I’ve heard the “spoiler” arguments, but I don’t buy it, because that means you have to accept our tribalism as a good thing, that should be preserved. In that case I say spoil away, as the major parties get more and more extreme the “spoiler” candidates will start to have a chance to win, or at the very least force the major parties back toward center

disgustabunk returns with record low temps

Wow, it has been 10 years…where has the time gone? There was an arctic cold blast back then as well, but nothing compares to the weather we’ve experienced in the last 24hrs. Winter has returned, and it is back with a vengeance so frigid, your pipes and windows may never live to tell the tale. Potentially the new mini ice age has begun, or something greater or lesser, we will have to wait and see. Bundle up and hunker down, tonight is going to be -20 something.