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Va gov = maga meme red meat

It did not take long for the MAGA faithful to easily capitalize on the newly disgraced Virginia governor. Still reeling from the last meme war and with the 2020 election season already ramping up, the left has to keep their memeable moments to a minimum if they want to seriously contend for the hearts and minds of young voters on social media. Unless the tech giants increase their censorship to beyond 1984 levels, young liberals that ‘know how to code’ must match the MAGA base’s online intensity. If the dems lose again this time around at both the ballot box and the meme boards, Russian bots will not be a valid excuse for even the most staunch MSNBC viewer.

disgustabunk returns with record low temps

Wow, it has been 10 years…where has the time gone? There was an arctic cold blast back then as well, but nothing compares to the weather we’ve experienced in the last 24hrs. Winter has returned, and it is back with a vengeance so frigid, your pipes and windows may never live to tell the tale. Potentially the new mini ice age has begun, or something greater or lesser, we will have to wait and see. Bundle up and hunker down, tonight is going to be -20 something.