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Vice pretends to lead ANTI TECH movement from the left

SPECIAL REPORT THE FUTURE OF WORK the synopsis reads. Vice has launched an anti tech campaign in the name of humanism. The fears they are pushing are more familiar to old school Democrats that used to support work and protect the labor markets they painstakingly cornered through armed mobs called unions. NAFTA changed everything, Democrats shifted their labor focus to welfare, illegals, and the government sector, which sadly is the largest union represented industry in the nation, and Republicans pushed globalisation, lower labor costs, and the first world service industry utopia that never came to fruition. In the past 25 years as corporations got richer and the wealth gap widened as the middle class shrank, cheapening technology eased the tension of lower wages. Now that everyone has a hand held computer more powerful than something that took up a warehouse 30 years ago, there is less of a need for all the products and services the smartphone has replaced. In a world with less people employed and more tech automation, there is going to be less demand for labor but people are still going to need money to purchase their robot gfs and i phone xxii. Since this is unavoidable, Vice is most likely subtly pushing universal basic income since there is no other solution to sustain human existence in a fully automated centralized environment. Robot is a czech word for slave, so I doubt they are going to increase anyone’s freedom moving forward. Enjoy life while you can, agenda 2030 is around the corner.

Trump threatens sanctuary cities with more illegal immigrants

Be careful what you wish for! Many classical philosophers are credited with their own spin on that phrase, and the indignation of the modern blue sanctuary city harkens back to the times of ancient Greece. A federal governing body cannot last when its vassell states are enacting their own policy contradictory to national law. If blue sanctuary cities insist on independent sovereignty, maybe a better solution would be state constitutional amendments that would lead to an eventual federal amendment or halt of what Democrats consider, federal overreach. If any federal judge across the land can control potus actions but not the actions of governors and mayors, there are grave threats to federalism. A quick solution to this could be the rise of the modern city state. If D.C. can be the new Athens, Chicago and New York can certainly be the new Troy and Sparta. City State sovereignty would solve many social, political, and financial problems. Since city states would be independent, they could not only make their own laws, but they would have to financially support themselves with fiscal responsibility. Hate the electoral college? Not when your city gets more electoral votes than the rednecks in the country! Gerrymandering? Let the hicks worry about that one! Win, win, win!

Chiraq, gun free zone with 170 interstate shootings since 2016, solution: more government

Wow, 170 interstate shootings in the past 3 years, where’s the liberal school shooting outrage crowd? Surprised this story hasn’t gotten more national traction, oh that’s right, it’s inconvenient facts that don’t qualify as news in our modern society. Ask anyone from around the world how many expressway shootings their city has endured and I’m sure it’s well under 100, if any. In this latest edition of senseless black liberal gun crime in public places, 2 teens were hospitalized and a 27 year old perished. CNN has yet to comment. I doubt Hillary will tweet about it and the pundits won’t be punching the table demanding the guns be outlawed because they’re already outlawed.

Human life only matters when it matches whatever demographic agenda is being pushed. Sadly in most blue cities, no lives matter, especially black. So what’s the government freedom sucking solution masked in black activism: more cameras! In a broke state that can’t even effectively monitor the thousands of cameras they already have! The escalation will be when a young hip congressman suggests cameras are too expensive, let’s just chip all the license plates and pass the extra expense onto the already fleeced tax payer! This is a bargain considering all the lives that’ll be saved! It would be nice if someone had the confidence and common sense to say, how about we simply stop shooting at each other on the road?

New chicago mayor wants fair share of federal tax dollars

“But he’s still the president of the United States,” Lightfoot added. “We are due our fair share of a return on tax dollars and I want to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can, and figuring out a way to build a constructive relationship with the White House has to be part of our Washington strategy.”

Mobile payment growth is slow in U.S. markets, creators miffed

Despite what my eyes tell me, recently released an article that said mobile payment platform user growth is slow, making up only 3% of total transactions, with only 1% being a person’s most recent transaction. There seemed to be a ‘dumb Americans’ tone as an explanation, which made me think maybe Americans love their freedom more than people thought! Although ubiquitous in social life, adult Americans appear to be unwilling to trust or learn a new payment option that involves a mobile device. Is that a bad thing? If growth continues to be sluggish, will mobile options decrease? With the average American still getting used to chipped debit cards, it reminds all of us the genius in not only the simplicity of cash, but the familiarity and security of having a singular national currency. Even though Apple and Google play deals in dollars, they’re not as familiar as physical currencies like paper money and plastic cards. Be interesting to observe credit card usage increases in the 20th century for parallels. Even though life is moving much quickly these days, it took half a century for plastic cards to become mainstream, so maybe there is time for it to catch on.

Smollett skates on all charges

Not surprisingly, Jussie Smollet skated on all 16 charges placed against him by Cook County, IL today. The shocking part was that he was charged in the first place which makes this drama extra confusing and rather expedient, having only been charged a month ago and in addition to ties with the district attorney. The lawyer quotes from both sides in the CBS article are mind numbing. Where can the rest of us lineup for legal protection and state service like this? $10,000 in exchange for an exoneration of 16 felonies? Thousands of police hours were wasted costing the city millions and $10,000 and community service served foots the bill? And he retains the ability to keep perpetuating the lie he was the hate crime victim the entire time mistreated by racist cops! Blue State justice at its best.

Trump says he ‘PROBABLY never WILL’ like DECEASED McCain

Trump recently made some candid remarks about the late senator McCain, and many in the gop are calling foul. The two never seemed to get along and neither hid that fact, Trump’s ‘not a hero comments’ during the 2016 election and the equally infamous thumbs down on the Obamacare repeal and replace by McCain, were no secrets. Many in the conspiracy community online spread stories of George W and McCain’s deaths, which came shortly into Trump’s first term. This feud rehash is going to get the attention of many different parties, but I question its purpose outside the conspiracy realm.