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Are sanctuary Dems violating U.S. TREASON code?

18 U.S. Code 2381 is very clear on this subject, and I assume is much more general than most people would think. Let’s break it down in parts. A. Owe allegiance to the United States, check. B. Levies war against them and adheres to enemies, check. C. Giving them aid and comfort within the U.S. and elsewhere, check. Punishment is death or at least 5 years in prison, a lowly 10k fine, and incapability of holding any office. Wow! So many traitors currently serving and other notables could easily be prosecuted under this. This is one of the clearest U.S. codes I have ever read!

So all the border Dem governors and sanctuary mayors, the judges that sneak illegals out back doors, the sheriffs that release illegals before ICE arrives, the Dem pollsters that register illegals and let them vote under someone else’s name, the list goes on and on, they are all 100% traitors! Trump has been toying with the Dems for two years on the wall, and he’s upset much of his base with the inaction so far in the treason department.

For all this fascist, Russian asset, NYC mob boss talk from the left, it’s been obvious since the 60 minute interview shortly after the 2016 election, Trump is a liberal softee that wants to make peace with everyone, see the country prosper, and make his favorite child happy. Trump doesn’t want a civil war and subsequent market crash, death, and historical criticism that’ll come with it, but when does he no longer have a choice? By the time he realizes that, will it be too late?

Most MAGA supporters online feel like the 2020 election is already lost due to the inaction at the border, inability to investigate voter fraud on the state level, no national voter ID law, and the censorship by left tech on the social media platforms. The latter maybe most devastating because Trump had such a tremendous advantage online in 2016, the demoralized Dems had to blame it on Russian bots. The memes alone did more to elect Trump than all the pact ads put together. The 2020 election season has already begun, and the traitors have yet to be prosecuted. ‘Lock her up’ more like ‘tweet and say gosh.’ Q was never true, and although entertaining at times, it was just a 4chan prank at best, disinformation op to subdue at worst; the traitors still remain!

Is the EU on the verge of collapse?

The dream of a United Europe is in jeopardy according to one of its biggest proponents, WW2 hero George Soros. A ‘Soviet Union’ type collapse according to multiple articles circulating this week. Is this correct, or an overreaction to a recent nationalist backlash that started with Brexit? The article doesn’t contain anything substantive and reads like the drunk ramblings of a multi-billionaire who hasn’t successfully bought an election in awhile. Sorry Europeans are rejecting national socialism. Maybe if the EU government was elected and not appointed, they’d be more relevant than the Politburo.

The EU as a political entity was ill-conceived but not as a trade zone. Can you have one without the other? NAFTA critics have always said no, but 25 years later there still isn’t a North American Union. The NA never opened up the borders as originally planned either, just look up the stalled interstate 69 project, so maybe that’s why sovereignty has remained. If Euro nations continue electing nationalist governments, maybe a new multilateral trade agreement should be written to protect sovereignty but continue trade. Probably not since the Euro, the only continental currency, is the chain that binds. Look for the EU to continue slowly eroding until a major event occurs that justifies a Euro collapse, only then will the 4th Reich crumble.

Did Beto do the fascist salute???

Last night during Beto’s rival rally in El Paso, TX.
Low energy, small crowds vs the Trump rally across town.
Notice how walls aren’t evil when he needs to be protected.
This whole scene reminded me of Hell in the Cell…optics much???
Several successive frames were captured to make it honest but…
Why put your hand up like that, especially in these ultra PC times?
Then again this is an Irishman whom identifies as Latino lol
‘My friend, running-mate, and your next VP, VA Gov. Ralph Northam’

NYC: man legally kills baby in utero

What’s Cuomo’s favorite Slayer song: Raining blood or Hell awaits?

WAKE UP!!!! This is no longer a Fox news conspiracy, people are literally killing babies in New York! The ink is hardly dry on the new abortion bill infamously signed by Cuomo and morbidly celebrated by turning the satanic death monument pink for all the world to see. The 21st century is quickly becoming a really bad twilight zone episode nobody would believe. How is this protecting women’s health? Women can now have ‘local sourced’ ‘organic’ ‘work from home’ abortions courtesy of their pig demon boyfriend that doesn’t want anymore responsibility in his middle aged life.

Bravo communists, bravo…this is all the twilight zone you’ve been planning for decades, the long game, piling up the refuse so high maybe God himself can smell the odor, you make me sick. Try looking for this article, you need to dig around like everything else these days on 1984-net, the main stories don’t mention anything about him skating on half of his murder charges. It’s a good thing infowars and other alternative media is banned from all platforms or else people might find out about stuff like this. No no no no no no no no orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad Russia Russia Russia racist racist racist racist racist America sucks America sucks America sucks!!!!!! WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!

Thou shall not kill…My happiness or mental well-being!

VA gov’s chronic foot in mouth disease

Governor Northam’s most recent national t.v. appearance

And we thought Trump had balls…maybe balls isn’t the right word, bravado, hootspa, ignorance, I honestly don’t know what you call it, but the embroiled VA gov continues to turn the heat up on himself and looks like he could not be more satisfied. Maybe this guy is a next level sociopath publically auditioning for the third installment of American Psycho? The second one was disappointing, he could relaunch the entire series with an old south twist. I don’t think one politician has made so many offensive gaffs in such a short period and that covered the entire political outrage spectrum, and he’s a Democrat!!! He starts with post birth abortions, ends with African chattel slaves being indentured servants, and sandwiched in the middle is blackface, a klan hood, and Michael Jackson…wow!!! I’m speechless…but Trump’s racist right?