Trump threatens sanctuary cities with more illegal immigrants

Be careful what you wish for! Many classical philosophers are credited with their own spin on that phrase, and the indignation of the modern blue sanctuary city harkens back to the times of ancient Greece. A federal governing body cannot last when its vassell states are enacting their own policy contradictory to national law. If blue sanctuary cities insist on independent sovereignty, maybe a better solution would be state constitutional amendments that would lead to an eventual federal amendment or halt of what Democrats consider, federal overreach. If any federal judge across the land can control potus actions but not the actions of governors and mayors, there are grave threats to federalism. A quick solution to this could be the rise of the modern city state. If D.C. can be the new Athens, Chicago and New York can certainly be the new Troy and Sparta. City State sovereignty would solve many social, political, and financial problems. Since city states would be independent, they could not only make their own laws, but they would have to financially support themselves with fiscal responsibility. Hate the electoral college? Not when your city gets more electoral votes than the rednecks in the country! Gerrymandering? Let the hicks worry about that one! Win, win, win!