Chiraq, gun free zone with 170 interstate shootings since 2016, solution: more government

Wow, 170 interstate shootings in the past 3 years, where’s the liberal school shooting outrage crowd? Surprised this story hasn’t gotten more national traction, oh that’s right, it’s inconvenient facts that don’t qualify as news in our modern society. Ask anyone from around the world how many expressway shootings their city has endured and I’m sure it’s well under 100, if any. In this latest edition of senseless black liberal gun crime in public places, 2 teens were hospitalized and a 27 year old perished. CNN has yet to comment. I doubt Hillary will tweet about it and the pundits won’t be punching the table demanding the guns be outlawed because they’re already outlawed.

Human life only matters when it matches whatever demographic agenda is being pushed. Sadly in most blue cities, no lives matter, especially black. So what’s the government freedom sucking solution masked in black activism: more cameras! In a broke state that can’t even effectively monitor the thousands of cameras they already have! The escalation will be when a young hip congressman suggests cameras are too expensive, let’s just chip all the license plates and pass the extra expense onto the already fleeced tax payer! This is a bargain considering all the lives that’ll be saved! It would be nice if someone had the confidence and common sense to say, how about we simply stop shooting at each other on the road?