Why didn’t this shooting make the national news?

Taser later alligator, puking bile crocodile.

The Orange man bad syndrome has been ramped up this young year as yet another election cycle begins, and with all the drivel that has consumed most of the precious minutes on the nightly broadcasts, there have been many interesting stories that have not been covered. This shooting was justified, and displays inconvenient truths that go against the liberal narrative. The teen luckily survived, but when you’re dealing with a mentally ill individual with a knife, wouldn’t one leg shot satisfy the situation? Looked like a perfect taser scenario if there ever was one. Why did dispatch send only one officer, did they think the guy was joking? Targeting officers as a path martyrdom is a well known tactic of social media extremists. Why was the officer put in this position? The dummy caught some dumb luck too by surviving what appeared to be two close range 9mm chest shots. The disappointed 72 virgins were not available for comment.