Yes, there is a federal vaccine court

Vaccines are getting significant play in the news lately with the manufactured measles crisis. One of the down sides of open boarders is a flood of unvaxxed third world people carrying once eradicated diseases. As a result, you must not talk about it or be labeled racist, and your local government must force you to give your child more vaccines, that’s the left’s solution. No wonder people are frustrated. This is a decent article that at first dismisses vaccine injuries then proceeds to share some of the documented cases. Still don’t understand why highly profitable vaccine companies require a shield from litigation when a private business in a similar position cannot.

Yang Gang 2020 is a thing now

The 2020 Meme War has begun, and Trump’s decline in online popularity is beginning to show. Naive, ignorant, or deaf to why he really won in 2016, the daily bath of mainstream media appears to be dulling 45’s once razor sharp political instincts. Maybe the Democrats’ Saul Alinsky war of attrition known as the Russian collusion hoax is starting to pay dividends after two years of trench warfare. There are some support base red flags so glaring, I’m surprised the Democrats haven’t smelled the blood in the water and more ferociously pounced on this election cycle. Let’s face it, the 2020 field isn’t impressive. A good not great, Shultz/Gabbard campaign would easily win, but the commies have other things on their mind. Don Jr or somebody needs to wake the POTUS up, his support is slipping big time online and that and the rallies were the core of his message and popularity in 2016.

The final blockbuster proves retail niches still exist

After over 9,000 locations at their peak, one final Blockbuster video store remains in Bend, Oregon. I can think of no more fitting place. Blockbuster rode the wave of home video cassettes during the 80’s and 90’s, but never was able to adapt quick enough in the digital age. Blockbuster considered a streaming service in the 90’s before anyone else even knew what it was and quickly abandoned it. A critical mistake that prevented them from reinventing themselves post physical media. It’s easy to imagine Blockbuster being the modern Netflix, but fate had other ideas.

The final brick and mortar location in Bend, Oregon does prove there are niche opportunities for retail. The internet has not reached singularity yet so transportation lag remains a thing, I phones aren’t shooting out of our 3D printers yet. In addition, some human beings prefer the in-person experience when choosing their physical media. Rural areas like Bend have different needs than the city. WiFi and 4G limitations kept several Blockbuster locations open across Alaska far past their prime, but technological improvements and cost reductions have now increased rural internet access decreasing the demand for physical media.

KC Chiefs WR breaks son’s arm 3 years after hitting his MOTHER while pregnant with him, where’s kaeppernick?

In recent years, I have finally given into ESPN’s nagging requests, and stopped patronizing professional sports, and I usually stay out of the spoiled mellow drama that is modern sports, but the public response to the Westbrook assault earlier in the week then this story motivated me to elaborate on the connection. The NFL has suffered a scourge of public vicious assaults, most on video, the most recently, Tyreek Hill reportedly breaking his 3 year old son’s arm. The same son who, three years earlier, was in his mother half naked body when his father beat her and kicked her out of their college domicile.

There is definitely a culture of domestic violence among young athletes that has nothing to do with racism, and therefore, is rarely talked about in our current woke times, despite living in the era of #MeToo. Nobody in the media or in pop culture will touch the violent results of fatherless welfare culture plaguing the black community with a 100 yard pole (+20 for the end zones = 120). Like many things in life, it’s easier going with the crowd and shaming other’s shortcomings instead of your own.

Did Kaepernicks ever address the role of black fathers in the lives of the black sons he supposedly fights for every day by collecting secret $60 million lawsuits? Of course not, it’s easier to get woke and blame twisted views of 18th century history and skin color for your problems. There are some very immature, spoiled, dumb, rich, influential, ignorant, fatherless, angry men filling the rosters of American professional sports right now, and I see nobody caring about it, except for the viral videos they click on every day. It’s almost as if this behavior from certain males of color has become normalized into a stereotype christened by mainstream media, and in our hyper p.c. times aimed at whatever is left of traditional America, it just separates the sides even further.

For something that always brought people together in times of crisis, like most recently the 2001 World Series, nothing besides the political news media machine, is creating more enclaves in our current society than sports. Think about that for a second. Am I wrong? You can’t escape the left narrative for 5 minutes while watching a game these days, from the clueless female broadcasters to the kneeling to the first commercial break with the toxic masculinity commercials, it is relentless and people are signing off for good. The leagues certainly don’t care about domestic fans with growing international streaming markets, but what about domestics on women?

Arkansas to add conviction requirement to civil asset forfeiture

A bill (SB 308) recently passed by the Arkansas Senate and House to add a conviction requirement to civil asset forfeiture. The governor still has to sign it, but given that it passed both chambers unanimously they have more than enough votes to override a veto. If Arkansas of all states can pass this, every state can do it

Trump loves asbestos

From Russia with love

Why does Trump like asbestos so much? In his 1997 book, he blamed it’s banishment and removal, on a mob fueled conspiracy since mobs owned all the removal companies, unions, and politicians. He has always touted it as ‘the best, believe me’ perfectly healthy after application. In a funny twist of fate, a 2016 law gave the EPA more authority on asbestos regulation, and as we all know but seldom remember in our current society, elections do occur and occupants do change, so you can’t run the world with a phone and a pen. The Trump EPA loves asbestos, so they’re going to regulate asbestos and other environmental matters the way they choose. Wasn’t the Department of Justice also an Executive Branch bureaucracy under the complete control of the POTUS? Nevermind. Just goes to show you, elections matter, but your rights and the Constitution matter more. Liberals should have epiphanies with issues like this, but instead their solution is more government to prevent a government they don’t like from winning an election or having control over bureaucracies in the first place. We do still have a federal Congress, correct? How about they get off their high horses, and put together a one page bill banning all asbestos imports and new construction from this day forward. Period. Fat chance.

NBA coddles rich female assaulter portrayed as victim of racism

Why are basketball players such snowflake punks?
This genius got into UCLA with an IQ lower than his vertical.

I’ve been meaning to post about this for days, but the daily low vibration stories trumpeted by the media don’t motivate me much. I feel like commenting on it gives it the attention it doesn’t deserve. When I initially saw the video, I thought wow, there’s Russell Westbrook acting like a fool again, cursing and threatening a fan in a losing effort at the end of another disappointing Thunder season. Shortly after, ESPN was in full Woke-Center mode, claiming he was a victim of hate speech from white Utah fans known for their history of racism and vulgarity toward minority players. The fan, who was threatened along with his wife by the millionaire Westbrook, was banned from the building for life, not just Jazz games. The contentious statement ‘get on your knees’. In a related story, on that same night in the NHL, a Toronto player was accused by the league of calling a ref a homophobic slur after a blown call.