Smollett skates on all charges

Not surprisingly, Jussie Smollet skated on all 16 charges placed against him by Cook County, IL today. The shocking part was that he was charged in the first place which makes this drama extra confusing and rather expedient, having only been charged a month ago and in addition to ties with the district attorney. The lawyer quotes from both sides in the CBS article are mind numbing. Where can the rest of us lineup for legal protection and state service like this? $10,000 in exchange for an exoneration of 16 felonies? Thousands of police hours were wasted costing the city millions and $10,000 and community service served foots the bill? And he retains the ability to keep perpetuating the lie he was the hate crime victim the entire time mistreated by racist cops! Blue State justice at its best.

4 thoughts on “Smollett skates on all charges”

  1. Even if this city wasn’t broke this was the best move for them.

    If they had charged him it would just cost money to build the case against them, then a jury will acquit him anyway (no way he’d get convicted in Cook County) and he’d walk away just as free, but also with his bond money back in hand.

  2. Why arrest anybody or have any trials then? This was an open and shut case. How is he any less convictable than the average black teen charged with possession or b and e?

    1. The average black teen charged with possession or B&E isn’t a national celebrity who’s only crime was a valiant attempt to expose to the criminal white supremacy ingrained in every single Donald Trump supporter.

      Forget clever slogans like “if the glove doesn’t fit” all his attorney has to do is say “MAGA is a hate crime” and the jury will roll over for him

      1. I think the greatest injustice is him being able to maintain his victim status and become a synthetic hero of the left, but this is going to backfire, people see through the hypocrisy.

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