Yes, there is a federal vaccine court

Vaccines are getting significant play in the news lately with the manufactured measles crisis. One of the down sides of open boarders is a flood of unvaxxed third world people carrying once eradicated diseases. As a result, you must not talk about it or be labeled racist, and your local government must force you to give your child more vaccines, that’s the left’s solution. No wonder people are frustrated. This is a decent article that at first dismisses vaccine injuries then proceeds to share some of the documented cases. Still don’t understand why highly profitable vaccine companies require a shield from litigation when a private business in a similar position cannot.

6 thoughts on “Yes, there is a federal vaccine court”

  1. I’ve done some more research on this since we talked about it last week. While the companies that make vaccines are generally quite profitable, the profit margins on the vaccines themselves are actually rather low. So if the companies were subjected to frivolous lawsuits over the vaccines the best business course might be to just stop making vaccines altogether and focus on their higher-margin products. We obviously don’t want this, so the Congress chose to move the liability to to the government instead.

    Its also intended to ensure access to vaccines, for example if there starts to be some bad PR about a particular vaccine, even if its perfectly safe the company may choose to pull it from the market just in case.

  2. I still don’t think vaccines should be the sole industry that receives protection from litigation when an argument can be made that fossil fuels, guns, the internet, or whatever saves just as many lives annually.

    1. Guns have protections in the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and fossil fuels and internet companies aren’t facing the sort of frivolous lawsuits that were targeted at vaccine companies and are targeted at gun companies. If they start to face such lawsuits in the future they will probably get protected as well

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