KC Chiefs WR breaks son’s arm 3 years after hitting his MOTHER while pregnant with him, where’s kaeppernick?


In recent years, I have finally given into ESPN’s nagging requests, and stopped patronizing professional sports, and I usually stay out of the spoiled mellow drama that is modern sports, but the public response to the Westbrook assault earlier in the week then this story motivated me to elaborate on the connection. The NFL has suffered a scourge of public vicious assaults, most on video, the most recently, Tyreek Hill reportedly breaking his 3 year old son’s arm. The same son who, three years earlier, was in his mother half naked body when his father beat her and kicked her out of their college domicile.

There is definitely a culture of domestic violence among young athletes that has nothing to do with racism, and therefore, is rarely talked about in our current woke times, despite living in the era of #MeToo. Nobody in the media or in pop culture will touch the violent results of fatherless welfare culture plaguing the black community with a 100 yard pole (+20 for the end zones = 120). Like many things in life, it’s easier going with the crowd and shaming other’s shortcomings instead of your own.

Did Kaepernicks ever address the role of black fathers in the lives of the black sons he supposedly fights for every day by collecting secret $60 million lawsuits? Of course not, it’s easier to get woke and blame twisted views of 18th century history and skin color for your problems. There are some very immature, spoiled, dumb, rich, influential, ignorant, fatherless, angry men filling the rosters of American professional sports right now, and I see nobody caring about it, except for the viral videos they click on every day. It’s almost as if this behavior from certain males of color has become normalized into a stereotype christened by mainstream media, and in our hyper p.c. times aimed at whatever is left of traditional America, it just separates the sides even further.

For something that always brought people together in times of crisis, like most recently the 2001 World Series, nothing besides the political news media machine, is creating more enclaves in our current society than sports. Think about that for a second. Am I wrong? You can’t escape the left narrative for 5 minutes while watching a game these days, from the clueless female broadcasters to the kneeling to the first commercial break with the toxic masculinity commercials, it is relentless and people are signing off for good. The leagues certainly don’t care about domestic fans with growing international streaming markets, but what about domestics on women?

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