6 thoughts on “Sacramento public school cell tower claims 4th child victim”

    1. So I found a picture of the tower in question, given its height and location its probably putting out at most around 10w in the 2.4ghz range

      By comparison your microwave is between 600w and 1800w. Even the cell phone in your pocket is between 3w and 5w (along with every other cell phone in everyone else’s pocket) Both also in the 2.4ghz band

      Also wifi

      1. You’re not supposed to disagree with trained medical professionals, for any reason! Take your shots and all your medicine, accept their diagnosis, no questions asked! If people start questioning the medical community, they might stop circumcising their children, anti-Semitic, and stop giving their small, fragile babies 72 shots, conspiracy theorist. Don’t you understand how dangerous this could be?

        1. Except its not medical professionals blaming the tower, its the kid’s parents.

          When emotional ignorance (from the parents of sick kids) is given precedence over actual knowledge and professional advice, THAT is the real danger

          1. Well for one thing that is hearsay. We don’t have a statement from the doctor, just a parent telling us what the doctor said.

            Second, just because its environmental doesn’t mean we can pin it was this one specific element of the environment. Almost all cancer is “100% environmental” and absolutely all cancer has environmental components to it.

            Indeed if it was “100% environmental” and definitely the RF from the tower, then it should be affecting everyone at the school the same way, regardless of other risk factors, so EVERYONE should have cancer, not just a handful of kids.

            The thing to remember is that these kids are exposed to a lot of the same environmental factors, given that they go to the same school they are exposed to everything in that school, and they probably all live relatively close to one another in the same town, meaning they have largely the same exposures outside the school as well

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