NBA coddles rich female assaulter portrayed as victim of racism

Why are basketball players such snowflake punks?
This genius got into UCLA with an IQ lower than his vertical.

I’ve been meaning to post about this for days, but the daily low vibration stories trumpeted by the media don’t motivate me much. I feel like commenting on it gives it the attention it doesn’t deserve. When I initially saw the video, I thought wow, there’s Russell Westbrook acting like a fool again, cursing and threatening a fan in a losing effort at the end of another disappointing Thunder season. Shortly after, ESPN was in full Woke-Center mode, claiming he was a victim of hate speech from white Utah fans known for their history of racism and vulgarity toward minority players. The fan, who was threatened along with his wife by the millionaire Westbrook, was banned from the building for life, not just Jazz games. The contentious statement ‘get on your knees’. In a related story, on that same night in the NHL, a Toronto player was accused by the league of calling a ref a homophobic slur after a blown call.

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