Is the EU on the verge of collapse?

The dream of a United Europe is in jeopardy according to one of its biggest proponents, WW2 hero George Soros. A ‘Soviet Union’ type collapse according to multiple articles circulating this week. Is this correct, or an overreaction to a recent nationalist backlash that started with Brexit? The article doesn’t contain anything substantive and reads like the drunk ramblings of a multi-billionaire who hasn’t successfully bought an election in awhile. Sorry Europeans are rejecting national socialism. Maybe if the EU government was elected and not appointed, they’d be more relevant than the Politburo.

The EU as a political entity was ill-conceived but not as a trade zone. Can you have one without the other? NAFTA critics have always said no, but 25 years later there still isn’t a North American Union. The NA never opened up the borders as originally planned either, just look up the stalled interstate 69 project, so maybe that’s why sovereignty has remained. If Euro nations continue electing nationalist governments, maybe a new multilateral trade agreement should be written to protect sovereignty but continue trade. Probably not since the Euro, the only continental currency, is the chain that binds. Look for the EU to continue slowly eroding until a major event occurs that justifies a Euro collapse, only then will the 4th Reich crumble.

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