NYC: man legally kills baby in utero

What’s Cuomo’s favorite Slayer song: Raining blood or Hell awaits?

WAKE UP!!!! This is no longer a Fox news conspiracy, people are literally killing babies in New York! The ink is hardly dry on the new abortion bill infamously signed by Cuomo and morbidly celebrated by turning the satanic death monument pink for all the world to see. The 21st century is quickly becoming a really bad twilight zone episode nobody would believe. How is this protecting women’s health? Women can now have ‘local sourced’ ‘organic’ ‘work from home’ abortions courtesy of their pig demon boyfriend that doesn’t want anymore responsibility in his middle aged life.

Bravo communists, bravo…this is all the twilight zone you’ve been planning for decades, the long game, piling up the refuse so high maybe God himself can smell the odor, you make me sick. Try looking for this article, you need to dig around like everything else these days on 1984-net, the main stories don’t mention anything about him skating on half of his murder charges. It’s a good thing infowars and other alternative media is banned from all platforms or else people might find out about stuff like this. No no no no no no no no orange man bad orange man bad orange man bad Russia Russia Russia racist racist racist racist racist America sucks America sucks America sucks!!!!!! WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!

Thou shall not kill…My happiness or mental well-being!