Marxism gets attacked both physically & philosophically on feb 5, 2019


On February 5th, Marx’s tomb was attacked by land, and by nightfall potus excel lance Donald Trump was dropping truth bombs all over zombified western socialism. Coincidence or fate? Surprised the fakenews didn’t try to blame Trump for the attack, luckily it happened before the SOTU address. Maybe that’s why Bernie turned so red when Trump berated his religion.


Nobody deserves to have their memorials defaced after death, unless they fought for the ideals of the USA or founded the USA; if that’s the case, then their memories must be removed from all property, public and private immediately. After trillions were wasted and millions perished, the Europeans chose to welcome socialism with open arms, and now the woke U.S. millenials have been doing much of the same. During Trump’s renewed renounce of socialism, Cortez’s face summed up her generation.

Smug, spoiled, and clueless

What I found most alarming was the rush to admonish this hannus act perpetrated against the mankind’s darling that we all should mimic in our daily lives. Nobody killed more people in human history than Karl Marx, yet his tomb is supposed to be worshipped while monuments of Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, William McKinley, George Washington, all must be torn down. I know the Marx tomb is in a private Victorian cemetery, but the hypocrisy proliferated by the legacy media, and the most worthless generation since the baby boomers, is suffocating us all into moral extinction. 😪 😪 <— the real Marx seldom mentioned

Texas Flood

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