Blackface is bad but only for nonliberals

In 2019 politics, one day you’re passionately touting a new unfettered abortion bill on a local female hosted radio show, the next day you’re defending your college yearbook klan photo; the day after, your black lieutenant governor has a newly leaked 15yo sex scandal, the day after that the attorney general admits he wore black face 40 years ago, and the day after that the Senate majority leader confesses he created the infamous yearbook page. Welcome to the modern Virginia Democratic Party! Wait a minute, wasn’t Jefferson a racist for possibly having an affair with one of his inherited slaves during his golden years, 200 years ago?

In an effort to double deflect, the controversy that started with the hypothetical of killing a child during birth has been reduced to who wore black face and when. Megyn Kelly was fired last year for admitting people wore politically incorrect costumes 40 years ago. NBC had a zero tolerance, lol, policy. The VA Democrats are not resigning, and pictures from the past are being posted on social media of liberal entertainment darlings, who also wore blackface, and received zero admonishment.

The hypocrisy is obvious, but where does the social conversation go from here? Are liberals going to continue dominating our ever-changing social norms? Or is this an inflection point where common sense, context, and accountability returns to dictate American adult behavior? I’m cynical that anything changes for the better. My prediction: this will be spun as more white racism exasperated by the current potus, the outed stars will double down on virtue signaling as a form of apology, and everyone will forget about unfettered abortion laws quietly being passed in state houses coast to coast.

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