White privilege proved once again at Chicago McDonald’s

Those poor angels

Funny, week after this incident, a manager at my local McDonald’s made me wait for 5 mins and then hid in the back after telling me I could not receive the sale being advertised on the ‘billions served’ sign outside. Mind you I was trying to spend money, not requesting free handouts. Maybe I should have employed the negotiation tactic of cursing and throwing restaurant property at her and her staff. If my corporate service experience taught me anything, it was that these two degenerates certainly called the corporate hotline and received an apology and at the very least, a $100 giftcard. Why did the manager and employees just stand there and continue to get assaulted? Can’t call the police to protect your property and the physical well being of your customers and staff; unless you want to be fired and shamed by the mainstream media global internet complex. Is this corporate protocol in 2019? Would love to hear from current service managers. Sadly, we’re all being conditioned to ubiquitously reward bad behavior.

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