Tide pod gen athletes only play when they win

Na na na na na we like this guy better… #TidePodPrivlege

The National Drama Association’s 2017 and 2018 champs finally got their potus visit, but not with the current one residing at the WH; no they visited the former one that lives down the street in a smaller gated property. In what appears to be a rec center lobby, the team proudly posed with their potus. The entire organization was so proud of the event, it occurred secretly on a weekday in late January in under 60 minutes and the pictures that resulted were quickly deleted off of all social media venues. Until I heard the Patriots’ tide pods already protesting this morning, I had totally forgotten about this petty squabble from 2017. In our current media cycle, that seems like 5 years ago at least. The single-mother raised, publically educated and funded players are too ignorant and spoiled to warrant much attention or money these days with domestic audiences, enter emerging global markets. Players received a large salary increase last year due to increased broadcast contract revenues thanks to their only growing market, China. U.S. audiences are getting fed up with Hollywood and big media in general, and the progenitors could not careless because they’ve moved on to new colonies. Maybe next year’s champs should visit Winnie the Pooh.

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