2 thoughts on “Hillary comes to the aid of va gov’s abortion agenda”

  1. A 50% increase in a small number is still a small number, maternal mortality was about 900 total for 2016, most of which would have had easy access to an abortion if they wanted one. The primary causes are complications due to very young girls getting pregnant, and cardiovascular (IE, weight) complciations

    Also are we trying to argue here that women had more reproductive freedom pre-Roe and pre-Casey than they have today?

    1. Yeah don’t let facts get in the way of a good political stunt. The entire Democratic platform is so antiquated and unintelligent. If the gop ever got out of their own way, they’d end the war on drugs. Fox news does little to promote true conservatism, lots to promote blue dog and rino causes. Almost every morning they have some loser on bitching about pot like it’s reefer madness. Nobody cares about 1970’s politics. Most Americans reject communism, late term abortions, civil asset forfeiture, and a carbonless future, shame the gop can’t capitalize on this, it’s almost like the half the Dems and half the gop are the same party or something.

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