Democrats love endless mideast war only 50% less than Republicans

Half of the Democrat Senate voted along with the Republicans, minus Rand Paul, to continue the endless money and blood sacrifice in the middle east. President Trump told CBS over the weekend, that the U.S. could not completely withdraw from Syria, like he promised last December and durung the 2016 campaign, because Israel and other assets needed protection and Iran required supervision.

Many MAGA faithful have been jumping off the Trump train in 2019, due to key campaign promises not being kept, namely border security and an end to the middle east wars. There are even conservative pacts organizing money to run a symbolic candidate like Anne Coulter in 2020, hoping it would wake Trump up. The recent government shutdown was an obvious Waterloo, only the most recent in a series of unforced errors starting with the Flynn firing, and it is looking like a key turning point in the wrong direction for this administration.

Trump continues to dig his hole deeper by appointing neocon snakes like Bolton and Barr and listening to liberals like his son in law. I have never seen a potus receive such disrespect, disloyalty, and poor advise from his advisors and staff. With friends like these, who needs Democrats? I would not doubt if most of the Dems that voted along with McConnell on the middle east war bill did so just because it was the opposite of what Trump wanted. The swamp is beginning to rise and get the MAGA movement wet.

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