Vice looks into the sun

Cringe but not in the usual way

Vice attempted to look into the sun with a recent video pitting a right wing conspiracy, black conservatives, vs their liberal counterparts. The video was edited much too short to only feature soundbites and discord amongst the two groups. I agree with some of the comments, the segment should have been longer, and furthermore, more videos should be uploaded that promote a conversation amongst diverse groups and views instead of promoting the same mainstream stereotypes that are later blamed for division. Hard to show opinions you don’t agree with or dislike and most news programs display that everyday. If Vice wants to stay young, hip, and fresh they need to not fall in the same monotony tar pits as their msm dinosaur brethren.

2 thoughts on “Vice looks into the sun”

  1. The problem is that the young and “hip” have completely bought into the political tribalism, so videos that portray people with different opinions as something just shy of different species serves to entrench their target demographic, not drive them off

    1. Vice should do more pieces like this, but better, instead of rehashing the same old talking points to their echo chamber. More people would follow them, and they’d gain some credibility. Everything they do outside of news is late 90s wannabe shock crap. Real genuine, organic, unscripted views are the new cutting edge hence youtube and podcasts’ popularity

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