Trump, The Abhorrent!

“What an abominable and disgraceful human.” “How dare we elect such an insufferable and obtuse miscreant into the Executive seat?” “We mustn’t allow this!” “Something must be done! Anything!” “No matter the cost.” “No matter the way.” “He will certainly bring ruin to this nation.” “Impeach Him We Say!”

This is what may be heard in the dismal and foolish tete-a-tete of two indoctrinated and stolen souls. With such ease The Establishment has pulled the wool over so many eyes. But it’s not fault of any of these poor fools. All odds, after all, were stacked against them. From our propagandist and federally funded education system to our media that is clearly delusional from sitting too close for too long. “But the warmth, it’s so good!” Most never stood a chance. Anyway, the point is that nothing we know is true. Nothing we hear is real. The truth has been squandered in a century long effort to pilfer the wealth of the Free Man that once Lived in this country. So there is no wonder there are kind, beautiful, and on occasion, intelligent Americans running around aimlessly pointing figures at each other and every other which way. “It was them! Tax them into oblivioun and give it to Me!” “No it was you! You freeloader, you leach!” “It was not. It must be, yes, it was. The man with the flaming hair. It’s he who’s at fault for my mortgage, my debt!”

The Nation has been stolen from under our feet! And dare I say, most brilliantly.

But as we know from 2016 it was clear that The People see that the facade is crumbling and no longer a sight. It is weathered, unkempt, paint peeling, and dried from the unrelenting beating of the sun. It’s tinder, and we’ve elect a man with a match.

The inhabitants of this grand home are now in a panic. They see clearly now the mistakes that were made in their haste. Through the great halls they are scurrying, peering out the imposing windows that look down on the land. They see that a man is standing, hair ablaze, smirking, laughing, reaching out with a flame. “How did he get through the guards?” “Where did we go wrong?” They ponder the reasons that are so clear to the “deplorable” populace. They got too comfortable in their masquerade. They forgot to tread carefully in the presence of a giant. One that has been fattened, drugged, and amused. Dazed from it’s abuse it still knew what to do. It sent a man who has seen behind the facade to do its work. A man who knows who They are. Knows where it will hurt.

As they watch him approach they wonder how this could be. In no time at all though they dispatch their soldiers to end his firing spree. Through media they spread lies to distort our view. They think if they repeat something enough times then we’ll accept it as truth? What fools they must think us to be. They said it was foreigners who meddled in our decision. Blamed an enemy to distract us from their mission. With “dossier” in hand they cried ,”he cheat”. Nearly blowing out the match held firm in his hand. But the wind ran afoul and slammed hard on their foundation, rotten with decay and mistrust.

Without haste, exhausted from their efforts, they rushed to another defense of the kingdom they’d built. The Politicians and Executives rushed to a plan and what they came up with did so expose their sham. They knew that in his search for corruption he found a door left open and was his duty to look in. He saw old Joe and burst out with a laugh. Deciding he needs to know the source of this corruption he asked for a favor from a man who could help. A man looking to light fire to the home on the corner lot. A favor was asked that exposed the truth. But those in the house with a view think they have an opportunity at their stoop. They take this conversation that was had between men with a torch to the top of their house to see what could be done.

In an attempt to cause harm and tribulation to his will they set him up to be thrown from his seat. They smear and they cry. They kick an they scream. They hide a due process from the window of this house so that the mob on the street, filthy and tattered, can not see what the stir is. We’re left guessing and speculating what it is that he did. But in the end as it did before the truth came out and it seemed to be that the house was a mess.

The witnesses they brought forth to decry the man stepping in to set fire to their home only exposed their charade. One by one in truthful admission they spoke in the house that they really knew nothing at all. They knew nothing of the conditions that was said to be in question. The quid pro quo it turns out was a farce.

The corruption was from within and too blatant to cover. It was seen from the window for all those”deplorables” to see. As they scrambled to tarnish and batter the man he knelt down with his match and set fire to the front. The facade began burning and glory what a sight. It burned fast. It burned hot. It burned with a glow. The tinder so long ignored took with a flash. It was dry. Flame ran up to the crest of the roof. It trapped poor speaker so fast in her tracks. In her surprise she couldn’t do a thing. She froze in her wonder, stuttered as she shout. She held tight with deaths grip to those articles of wretched lies. She knew it was over and could do nothing but wait. Wait for a miracle to save her grand home. One that is surely never to come.

As they ran in confusion to escape the hot blaze he sat with a smirk. The face began to burn back. The People now saw what he already knew was there. Their land and Their wealth, Their liberty and Their freedom. It was hoarded in that house, stolen from their grasp. The People they had wondered what had happened in their stupor. How did it happen? How could this be? We trust in you our faith that right would be done.

As the people saw truth in front of their face they began to boil and show furry in their eyes. The fire began to burn hotter. Making any escape from the front impossible without burns. Its inhabitants did the only thing that was left they could do. They began to try and escape out the back. But being sly, experienced and with much wit the man with blazen hair who had lit up the house had known what they’d do in the end. The poor fools. So he sent out back the IG with a torch to burn the back door so they’d have nowhere to run. He held them hostage in the house that they’d stole. Held them accountable for the crimes they’d commit.

As one by one they gave in one another The People stood waiting with the hose to put out the blaze needed to extinguish the tyranny at hand. To rebuild we must do when this fire is out. Better for it we’ll be. Better prepared we’ll be. Never again will we take for granted the freedom that should be. This land is our land. It is free and it is ours! We will be fervent in our pursuit of Happiness, Liberty, and Life. We shall have it again. If the house burns to the ground we’ll rebuild. We will!

How much gold does China have?

In recent weeks, financial circles have been buzzing about the rumor China is holding 20,000 tonnes of gold, 10 times the number reported by Moneyweek and others less than a year ago. Historically, China has an effinity for precious metals. During the Peruvian silver boom in the 16th century, China was the Spanish empire’s greatest customer, eagerly willing to trade goods for silver. The Chinese hoarded so much silver back then, the world silver market crashed, and mercantilism and colonialism moved onto gold, slaves, and other commodities.

Can history repeat itself? China keeps all the gold they mine and import, never exporting an ounce just like silver 500 years ago. Will China’s accumulation shock and crash the market? Is this why it remains a secret? Or is something more self serving and long term in the works? For decades, China was propped up to the global economic leader despite its authoritarian government and poor human rights reputation. The world has grown tired of the Petro dollar, hence the BRICS movement. BRICS has not been able to topple the dollar, but if China embraces, launches, and proliferates a global crypto or digital currency in conjunction with an announcement they own more gold then the rest of the world combined, watch out!

Ben garrison banned from social media summit

For an exercise in modern media, Google the generic title of this article and note the top results. The pc cult has a new victim with an old face, only the most prominent political cartoonist of his generation. What was his crime? Making a political cartoon portraying the military industrial complex as puppets of international bankers. In the paradox known as moderm identity politics, it is racist to associate certain cultures with certain negative behaviors, and it is also racist for pointing out these negative behaviours in general because it then implicates the racial stereotype. For example, you are not allowed to mention your affinity for southern poultry dishes without being racist towards blacks, just ask Bernie. As if lending is bad! I thought there has been a consensus among western universities for centuries that lending with interest grows the economy and creates wealth? I am very disappointed the WH disinvited Garrison at the last minute for no reason other than to capitulate to the handful of usual snowflakes. How about possessing eyes, a brain, and a backbone? Every time someone refuses to stand up for glaring truth, it makes the problem only worse. Somebody needs to say no to the relentless pc insanity and that is exactly what Trump ran on. If things don’t change, 2020 will not be a success. Digital media is the frontlines of intellectual and political discourse in the 21st century, and it must be treated as such if our society will continue to be self governed and free.

Media is puzzled by disneyworld brawl

I looked at a few different articles from across the spectrum about this story that is not getting much national air time, big surprise! Every author I read had a hard time explaining exactly what occured in the viral videos, a grown, pushing 400 lbs, woman and another with a wig pushing 100 lbs, fighting with two men. The only puzzling part was where the other guy came from in the white tee, at first I thought it was a tag match, but then white shirt and black shirt both hit the hair hat holder, it officially became a melee. No fake news, they weren’t choking each other, the men were ripping out the 300 dollar horse hair wigs black women insist on wearing, a taboo everyone pretends to ignore. Yes, grown men are hitting women full force with closed fists, it’s not an uncommon occurence in certain communities but also taboo. How about the straight right big wig took in the face? Impressive, most men couldn’t take that punch. What took the security so long? Amusement parks were a symbol of full video surveillance decades before big brother went mainstream. Were the cops unsure how to react? Was it taboo to intervene? And they only caught the one guy too tired to run away? Laughable man…welcome to what we see 24/7/365 in our Blue State Paradises!

Google brags about increasing authority in shooting search results

In today’s ep of 1984, the Guardian released an odd article about Google tweaking the search results of U.S. shootings. The left is absolutely in love with this topic, and Google is making sure everyone sees the information they want them to see. I never fail to be annoyed by British media and their relentless obsession with Yank politics, the same international liberals who will also tell you America is neither exceptional nor the center of the western world. Why does Google care about shooting search results? What is the ‘fog’ they referred to? Too many eye witness accounts leaking online before the mainstream media can set the narrative in stone? What is foggy about crime statistics? Are numbers privileged? Do they contain implicit bias? What the hell is Google doing? Search results used to be based on popularity, now when you search popular vote negatives you will get only positives. Funny how the same people pushing pure democracy only believe in it when the pendulum swings their way. The left and their tech minion Google are despicable. I cannot believe they released a story like this in the wake of the 2020 election fix whistle blower controversy. That was last week’s news so it is long forgotten. In any other time a major corporation colluding to fix an election would be a big deal to the liberal media. If only it were Russia!

Trump crosses dmz

In the middle of the night, Kim Jong Un accepted Trump’s invitation via Twitter and met the potus at the DMZ, then invited him to cross for a handshake on North Korean soil. President Trump one again made history, being the first potus to visit North Korea in a chaotic scene of secret service, Kim bodyguards, and media from around the world. It easily could have turned into a horrific tragedy, but Trump smiled with confidence as he sauntered over to the border while Kim hurried down the steps with his most trusted protectors. Despite the expected criticism from the mainstream media, this was arguably the most significant border event since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The Korean War is not officially over but symbolically it is. Trump has changed the U.S. strategy in Asia and progress is being made. The mainstream media insists more of the same would be better, which, no surprise, is the definition of insanity.

U.S. politburo clown Roberts doesn’t know what a census is

The never ending election cycle blackhole we have been sucked into since 2015 will never end. What is left of our country, society, and world? Clowns and black pills. I can’t even write about most of the dog shit we’re bombarded with every day because it is too surreal. Our courts have become a circus without justice just as government has little to do with governing. For the rich cloud riders in D.C., a census is as foreign as a Walmart self checkout or a fine for not having insurance. A census is an event that happens once a decade in order to count citizens so that the states have proper representation in our democratic republic. In today’s woke justice system, intent, race, and thought crime means more than law, objectivity, and common sense. The entire point of a census is to count citizens. Period. It has nothing to do with pretext as this pathetic Bloomberg article states. What is a country without a border, citizens, or government? With conservatives like Roberts and Kavanaugh, who needs libtards? With more illegal immigrantion than ever, who needs Trump? What the hell have we become? An empire in decline full of clowns.

Blues win first cup, set ratings record

Someone other than the Cardinals brought a championship home to Saint Louis. For the first time in their 52 year existence, the Blues won the Stanley Cup, in a series that peaked in last night’s game 7 with a record 9 million viewers late in the 3rd period when the decisive 4th goal was scored. The previous record was 2010’s game 6 when the Blackhawks ended their 49 year drought against the Flyers. Most impressive, 60% of television viewers in Saint Louis were watching the game. Nobody can say their city was uninterested. Original 6 Boston is a reliable draw, but it is a bit surprising the 1971 rematch would break the record. Maybe the NHL’s popularity is on the rise. Blues fans have waited a long time, being the final 1967 expansion team to join hockey immortality. Sorry Seals, you never made it.

Oklahoma softball team flashes white supremacy gesture during championship

During the top of the 7th inning in Tuesday’s NCAA softball championship, the entire Oklahoma team held up the white supremacy symbol after their only black player tied the game with a homerun with 2 outs in the final inning. It is uncertain if the racist mostly white team was mocking their teammate who just tied the game or if this is how they display their white privilege every game . When is the NCAA going to stop endorsing and encouraging dangerous white supremacy that is destroying our diverse country? Events like this only further marginalize black students who are already harrassed, assaulted, and victimized daily by white culture on every college campus across this racist nation. The NCAA must strip Oklahoma of all their victories in the 2019 season, investigate the program, and put them on athletic probation until each racist player in that photo is expelled and the toxic white culture in Norman is eradicated for good.